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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Backyard Gardens and Deck

Lots of Photos of the yard today.

Every thing up to the Fairy Globe
is our Butterfly/Veggie Garden.

The pictures go from left to right, 
from the grage to the back fence.

I just LOVE our Fairy Globe.
I found a solar light for the inside.
At night it lights up internally so we can see the design.

In honor of July 4th,
Gene planted a 
"Red, White and Blue-ish  Purple" Garden around it.

This is our Burning Bush on the SW corner of the house. Gene found the plant stand at Menards . . .Said it would hold a 12" pot.Not quite . . found a left over 10" pot.Tore apart the plant in the 12" pot and repotted it.Looks pretty good.

And finally an update on the deck.
Mike built a "small addition" to the left side of the deck frame.
(Looks like it i in front of the back door at this angle.
It isn't.
It is a place for the gas grill to go
o it doesn't take up much needed deck space.
So glad Mike thought of this.

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