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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lawn and Gardens

Looking to the north east. while
Gene gets the mail.
The husband and I have been slowly working on the gardens this year. With the temps into the 80-90 + degrees range we would get out about 1 hour (at most) every other day.
Looking to the north.
We had  been at my brother's  house. A friend of his was mulching around his house and the flower beds.

He did such a great job I called him  and he came and checked out the house.

Looking north east toward the "craft room" on the corner.
Bob removed three shrubs under the one window
(This will be where the east side of the front deck will be located.)
and one on the left of the  miniature lilac bush. 

He came over and checked the flower beds. His ideas were right in line with ours.

He rented a "sod cutter" and enlarged all of our beds by 12"-24". When Gene saw this he thought it was more than he wanted. 
Looking to the north east.
I told him it was what we would have done in the next 4 or 5 years and now we have it all done.

These pictures show the gardens (with black mulch) counter clockwise around the house.

Flower bed around the front light post.
We have some more geraniums from my
nephew's "grandmother in law's" garden to add here.

South East corner of the house.
I just LOVE this Ornamental Spruce.
Bob trimmed the bottom so it is cleaner looking.

East side of the house.
Between the Spruce and window are some Daylillies.
Between the windows are Gladiolus.
Under the back window (Master Bedroom)
is a Butterfly Bush and assorted Alliums.

North side of house.
Close up of trellis for an Evening Blooming Jasmine
our Soapworts that we brought home from New York
and two Hostas from a good friend who student taught for me.

North side of house from Master to 1/2 Bath.
The bed (starting in the corner by the deck and bathroom window)
will be ferns and other shade loving plants.

North side of house.
Bob and Gene both had the idea
for these paving stones in front of the steps.

Flower bed, facing north, in front of deck
with Willa Willa Wiener Hound photo bombing.

North side of house.
We had the little round bed with Coral Bells started last year.
We added a couple more of them to finish the circle.
Then put SnapDragons around the pole in the middle
(which will have hummingbird feeders on it soon)
and Moss Rose between the Coral Bells.
Bob thought it ould loo good to include it in the deck flower bed.
Glad he did.

North side of house.
From the round garden he cut a larger curve
to the back steps and into the side garden.

Looking South East.
When we bought the house
the only garden we had was next to this fence,
just deep enough for the ornamental grass.
We took it further north on the fence.

We took the original garden further north on the fence
and curved it into the neighbors white fence on the north.
Now it goes the complete length of the fence.
(That's Butter, our neighbor Labradoodle photo bombing.)

The start of the walkway from the deck to the front yard.
The arbor was new last year.
The butterfly bush was in the garden when we bought the house.

Walkway on the west side of the garage.
The original garden, when we bought the house,
included the flowers seen.
We added some Daylillies to what had been there.

Finally, back at the front yard.
Bob trimmed up this burning bush so this corner likes very clean.

We are THRILLED with our cleaned up and updated garden beds. 
Now, to g et the deck on the front built!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

His Blushing Bride by Emilia Beaumont

His Blushing BrideHis Blushing Bride by Emilia Beaumont
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Peach Reine, single actress Hollywood hopeful working as a waitress at the Little Black Dress lounge, and Ethan Dalton, single heir to the Dalton Winery who must be engages before he inherits the winery, meet at the Little Black Dress lounge.

Now, you may ask, how could this combination of characters find their way together in a ruse to get his inheritance?

Adorable romance and family intrigue follow.

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