Leaves on this Family Tree

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm Easy

Ever have one of those spells when you can't get something/someone out of your mind?

I get spells like that and this last one has lasted since we moved back home in October. The haunting is probably happening because of seeing so many familiar places every day.

Then, on our local Oldies radio stations (we have three: Oldies, Classic Rock and County) I hear a song from 1976 that REALLY sent my mind spinning to a time that I so want to forget but still has a strangle h old on my mind and heart. Ever since I can't shake it.

So, being the nice person I am, I'm haring. Hope it sticks in your mind and leave mine.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Deck is Finished

Where it all began.
The back deck is done . . . well, a couple pieces need to be added around the bottom step coming out of the garage BUT at $45 (+/-) a board it will wait until we add the front deck next year. Mike (who built the deck) used almost all of the scraps (he had 4 or 5 tiny pieces left) to make the skirting around the bottom.

Where we are now.
The only thing missing in this photo is the back door to the garage. So I need to do a "let's see what it looks like" from different angles.

From the garage back door.
My niece sys this just makes the deck. Two rockers with a table between. Now each rocker has a Pineapple Pillow on them.

Special Picture
 My BFF since elementary school will be visiting from Tennessee this week . . her kids live north of me. She and I spent HOURS swinging on my grandma's swing on our front porch. So I did this pix for her. 

Actually got Gene to wave in this one. DO you wonder why the "log" that holds the swing is extended? I wanted that o I can hang plants or wind chimes on it. But, first, it will have my "When Pigs Fly" mobile hanging form it.
Taken before Mike finished the "skirting" on this end.
 Looking to the west. We put a little bump out on this end so Gene's grill didn't take up room on the deck (the door you see comes out of the kitchen) so no railing needed here.

Gene and Indy enjoying the deck while Mom takes the pictures.

Three little fun animals I found n sale.

Yesterday the deck was officially done.
We ate supper on it last night 
and breakfast on it today.

I have been on the swing more than in the house.
It is so worth the price and
future year of enjoyment.