Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Almost Normal

It has been 4.5 weeks in Logan. I've told Gene I feel a little bit of anticipation until I have gotten a month worth of bills paid since we have been here. I know I have been paying utilities for both houses for over a year. I just wonder what the utility bills will be like for us here.

On Wednesday I went out to breakfast with a neighbor who meets a former colleague every Wednesday morning for breakfast. It was nice. I will probably go out with them every once in a while, but not weekly. I just hate having to set the alarm to wake up in the morning.

When we came home I was telling Dorothy, my neighbor, that we were getting a new tree to replace the one we lost last spring. As we got closer to our houses I realized they were planting it then.

Today is the 1st day in over a week that we have had some sun so I scurried outside and toot a picture . . . you will notice I put an older picture of the house below it for a ad comparison. But, in a few years it will have more size on it. But, I know, I won't live long enough to see it reach the height of the original tree.
You can barely see Indy setting on the porch. I can't believe she stayed long enough for a picture.

Now for a another house update. I still haven't gotten the curtains finished that I had planned on putting in the front room. But you can see from the top picture that I do have curtains up and I like them. I found some sheers with a faint strip so we have some coverage but yet lots of light still comes in.

I really like the way they look from the inside and outside. 

Now, when I FINALLY can get some organization to the craft room (we did get the computer, monitor and keyboard out, now to set it up) I'll put the crocheted tiers on the bottom of the windows in there, which will be the three windows on the right of the house picture.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


It will be 4 weeks since we moved, this Wednesday.

The move was BEAUTIFUL. The crew that packed us on Monday came back on Tuesday and loaded us then they woke up at 4:00-ish and drove the truck from home to Indiana home. They got here a little after lunch and left around 5:00. I told them they were my Shoemakers Elves . .  they arrive and quietly do their work :)

So far we have the kitchen, guest bedroom and master bedrooms unpacked. The dining room and living room are where we put the empty boxes. We would take them to the garage but it is packed also.

Thursday we took the van in. It had just started shimmying and it took longer than ever for the heat to start. We got a call that there was more wrong than they thought. By the end of the day we bought a new used car . . . 2013 Ford Escape.

So now we are the proud owners of a used house and car. Hopefully this is the end of things dying. 

#1 . . . We found out in June that our fireplaces have had a fire in them and the tiles are a mess in the chimney. So in this next year we are going to put gas fireplace inserts in both . . yes we have one in the living room and one in the family room in the basement.

#2 . . . After 10 years I again have double kitchen sinks. No garbage disposal yet, but two sinks. They have been slow moving and this past week when we let water out of one it came up in the other and took an hour or more to totally drain. I was totally bummed (this was before the car which REALLY showed me what bummed means) and finally called a plumber. They cleaned the drains from the sink as far as they could go. Thank heavens we have a full basement. They went out to where the sink lines end and went both ways. Found a MAJOR clog . . . now the drains run so smooth . . . PLUS, I'm on the plumbers "to do" list for a garbage disposal.

#3 . . . the car/van . . . rear axle was almost ready to gave way and the whole bottom of the car was rusted pretty badly. We knew about the rust, just hadn't seen it for ourselves. Made me glad we actually made it home safe and sound. They had some nice used cars at a price I could afford, when it came to monthly payments. And I found out, what I already knew from the house loan, I have one of the highest credit ratings they have seen . . . LOLOL Guess it has paid to pay all my bills on time OR before time :)

We have made it to three basketball games this week for my nephews step sons. They are in 6th and 8th grade at the school right across and up the street from us . . . I've told Gene he can stay home but he enjoys them. I figure I will finally get to know the boys better if I am around them more. Plus, there is nothing as good as the popcorn made at  the two middle schools here in town :)

Will try to remember to take pictures to show you some of the decent rooms and what we have left :)