Leaves on this Family Tree

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Update, I Think, Then Again, Maybe Not

The husband has had either a head or a chest cold since last Wednesday. I think he is getting better but my throat has just started hurting and now my eyes are watering like crazy . . . NOT a happy camper. I have this saying since I retired, "Sick days sure aren't the same when I can't take time off of school to get better."

Have I told you we have a new addition to our family? If I have, then you know what this post is about. If not, then it is about time I post this.

This little beauty's picture was posted on Facebook by a former student. A mutual friend tagged me because she knew I was looking for a cat, not a kitten. The girl who had owned her had died 2 years ago and she had her for a time before she died so I knew she was a full grown cat.

I have told people this was a match made in heaven from the start. 

  1. I had been in the same homeroom as her owner while in high school.
  2. Her owner's husband, sisters and I all grew up in the same church and have known each other since birth.
  3. Her owner's son and daughter were both in my class when they were in Middle School (ages 11 - 14 +/-).
I talked to Gene and he knew how much I anted her. I saw her picture on Thursday, made arrangements on Friday and picked her up on Saturday afternoon, I think Sept 21.

She wasn't happy when I met her. She was running through the apartment like a banshee. Man, was she fast. On about her fourth pass I was lucky and caught her. Then putting her in a carrier was a treat. brought her into the house, Willa and Indy had to check her out then left. I let her out and she was under my end table faster than lightening.

She came out Saturday and Sunday nights, meow a little, we would call her name (Kiki or Keke, not sure). she would go running through our half bath, through our bedroom and out the hall door. Again, fast as a banshee.

Sunday she actually showed her face during the day. Doesn't she look traumatized. And her fur was lackluster.

I found out which vet she had gone to. Went there on Monday and picked up her paperwork. Found out her name was Kitty. Guess her Mom had called her Kitty, Kitty and the kids heard it as Kiki.

On Monday night, when I heard her out, I went in and put the recliner back, threw a blanket on and waited to see what she would do. She jumped up on my chest, wanted petted, then jumped off. She did this all night.

Tuesday, Sept 24, she actually came out when the living room lights were on. As she scooted past me I grabbed her. She wasn't thrilled but she let me hold and brush her.
Her fur was still disheveled. When I brushed her she actually purred. I got two brush fulls of fur out of her.
You can see she looked a lot better after the grooming. She is a BEAUTIFUL animal and as soft as she looks.

For about the 1st week she was here, when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I would come out to the living room, recline as far back as I could, throw a blanket on and wait to see what she would do. By the end of the week she was spending a lot of the night on me, but still not coming out during the day.

The 2nd week it got SO MUCH BETTER. Not only did she come out some during the day, she decided she liked jumping up on top of a china cabinet and looking down at her "underlings."

The dining room table is what she jumps on to get to the top of the cabinet. One day when she hadn't jumped off the table I gave her a handful of treats. MAN did she like them. Now when I get the treats out I shake the jar so she will associate the sound with treats. Then, maybe I will be able to coax her out of her daylight sleeping spot with shaking the can.

Time to go . . I think I'll take a hot shower, try to open up my head, take a "shot" of cold medicine and hope whatever I have is gone tomorrow.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Pop-a-Cork Pumpkins

These are our last paintings
from our
Pop a Cork and Paint class.
Mine is on the left and the hubby's is on the right.
His work is always so free flowing.
I think I'm going to buy him
a set of water color classes for Christmas.
He has so much skill
he needs a hobby!