Leaves on this Family Tree

Monday, September 25, 2017

We Adopted

Gene, Indy, Marcus and Matthew are proud to announce that we have adopted a new fur-child. Her name is Willa.

She was a stray, picked up about 10 blocks west of where we live. On Thursday, Sept 21, I saw her picture on the local Humane Society Facebook page. I shared it with Gene and said I'd like to check her out.

We went over Friday morning and she was a sweetie. I fell in love the instant I held her. She is so tiny. We took Indy back for a Meet and Greet in the afternoon. Inside the building Willa wasn't real receptive. Outside, Willa was perfect. Guess she was guarding her kennel there. 

When we left with her we went by our Vet and made an appointment for her. Connie, receptionist/vet tech/wife of owner, asked what she was. I laughed because they had said she was part poodle. Connie and I thought he looked more Schnauzer. Now that we have really looked at her, and watched her mannerism, I think hr muzzle, her head from the front and the fur on her head, neck and upper back look like a mini-Dachshund, the hair on  her legs looks like a Schnauzer, the hair on her body is pretty wiry and her tail . . . lots of hair that curls like Pollyanna's Banana Curls.

Indy has been great with her. She assumed the playing position and poor Willa thought she was going to pounce.

 You can see she is a lap dog.

And also a "chest" dog.

She knows:
  1. outside is where she goes to the bathroom.
  2. sit means butt on the floor.
  3. kitchens are where the excitement happens.
Today she went outside and when he was done with her business she decided she was going to run by the two dogs behind the fence behind us. Her old tail was flying. Indy decided to get in on it: he chased Willa and Willa ran in front of Butter and Tampa, across the deck and back around to pass them. They did this for 5 or more rotations. Indy could have over taken her at any time, but she didn't o I know she likes her and wanted to play also.

Never been a 2 dog household so this should be fun!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm Easy

Ever have one of those spells when you can't get something/someone out of your mind?

I get spells like that and this last one has lasted since we moved back home in October. The haunting is probably happening because of seeing so many familiar places every day.

Then, on our local Oldies radio stations (we have three: Oldies, Classic Rock and County) I hear a song from 1976 that REALLY sent my mind spinning to a time that I so want to forget but still has a strangle h old on my mind and heart. Ever since I can't shake it.

So, being the nice person I am, I'm haring. Hope it sticks in your mind and leave mine.