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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Zen Doodle

Have you herd of the Pop a Cork and Paint classes? Have I told you I have been taking them for over a year? I really need to check y posts and see if i have posted.

That will come later, this post s about the Zen Doodle class I have been taking for several months now. Have you ever doodled when you were on the phone or taking notes in a class? I always doodled on my notes in school, some were rather nice and some looked like chicken scratches. 

When I saw what ZenDoodle was I had to take a class. Talked to my niece, who does Pop a Cork with me, and she wanted to too. This is really our "girl time" together. It was funny, we started to bond as adults when we moved from Indiana to Western New York. 

Here are the results of these classes.

31 Oct 2019 class was titled "Paisley." Our "challenge" was:

  1. to draw paisley shapes, in the form of a wreath,
  2. fill the shapes in with assorted "doodle" designs,
  3. shadow the design to make the designs "pop" out.
2019 Oct 21 . . . Paisley
I think I did pretty good.

04 Nov 2019 was lines/3D. The goal, make a design, with lines only, that, when colored in looked like 3 or more layers.

2019 Nov 04 . . . lines
I think I did fairly well on this one. I was sure more relaxed this time.

18 Nov 2019 Our challenge was to make a leaf with doodles in color.
2019 Nov 18 . . . Leaves
Now that I look at it, I'm pretty happy with it. We used some water color pencils for the background, mine didn't "wash out" well, but it was a first try.I do like the color in the leaf, though.

09 Dec 2019 . . . Poinsettia's . . . WOWZA. Challenge was to make the leaves show depth. I decided on this one that I REALLY like the black on white look. All black and white work is don in fine tipped Sharpies with a wider tipped Sharpie to do the outline of the designs.
219 Dec 09 . . . Poinsettia
 This Poinsettia was done by my niece, Lauren. She has the knack for art designs. She always has been good so these classes bring out her talents. Can you believe she did her full design in pencil with pencil shading. I am so jealous ! Well, I shouldn't  be . . .she can't crochet and I can.  LOLOL

2019 Dec 09 . . . Lauren
 09 Dec 2019's class was on Ornaments. Elizabeth is my great niece, daughter of Lauren's brother. her mother thought she would enjoy the class. this known, I made the class part of her Christmas present.
2019 Dec 09 . . . Elizabeth 01
 I like her football . . . her dad and grandpa (my brother) coach/coached football and she  used that shape. The green lines may look like scribbles but when she was doing it, she moved her hand down the page and her marks staid at the same angle. Amazed us all that the angles remained constant.
2019 Dec 09 . . . Elizabeth 02 
 Elizabeth is a left handed 2nd grader. When she finished her first ornament one could see an understanding and she caught on to what the idea was. this was her start on her last ornament. Not sure if she ever finished it.
2019 Dec 09 . . . Elizabeth 03
 Elizabeth wanted her babysitter to come to the class with her. This is Hannah's ornament. She has some skill too.
2019 Dec 09 . . . Hannah
 My hubby has been taking these classes too. He has a real artistic flare and unusual thinking pattern. His middle ornament is really awesome in person. The spiral on the bottom almost sparkles.

2019 Dec 09 . . . Gene
And now mine. When I went into class I knew I wanted three round ornaments but not sure what to put inside. I also knew i wanted the left one divided into three sections but no idea what to put in the sections.

The right "ball" design came quickly. Filling it in was hard, I couldn't think of the designs I wanted. Once I figured that out, I was flying.

Then the middle one. By now I knew I wanted it divided into 3 sections. I asked Elizabeth to fill in the middle section  like she did her last ornament. She did and I knew I was going to fill in the shapes with straight lines.

Left ornament was the hardest. I took some circle shapes and placed them in the center section. I thought they were even, of course, they weren't. I added smaller circles and still not happy. When I connected the circles with some "curly q" designs I knew I had hit on the right feel. I finished the top and bottom sections to go along with the outer edges of my other two ornaments. I don't know if you can see the shadowing in the ornaments. It is amazing how that shadow takes the flat drawing into a 3-D feel.

2019 Dec 09 . . . My Ornaments

On Monday, 06 Jan 2019. our challenge is going to be quilt blocks done in ZenDoodle.  I looked up some quilt samples for something different. Here is my  practice design, the quilt block name is Card Trick. What do you think?

Friday, December 13, 2019

E's Snowman Hat

I've been at it again. I had this urge to make a Snowman sock hat. Well, honesty, I bought a cake of Lion Brand's "Just My Stripe" in Cherry. I thought white snowmen on this red yarn look would pop out. I think it worked.

I would LOVE to see this hat done in the blue "Just My Stripe" yarn. If you make one, please send me a picture.

Materials Used
4.25 mm hook.
Lion Brand "Just My Stripe" Cherry
Vanna's Choice: Black, Terracotta & White

This pattern is available through my Ravelry Store for $2.99.

All proceeds from this pattern will be donated to a no-kill dog and cat maternity shelter in my home town in Indiana. 

The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase