Leaves on this Family Tree

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have finally done it ... enrolled myself in the great blog-o-sphere. I have wondered why I didn't do it before but decided today was the day. I have seen so may blogs on this URL that I figured it must be relatively easy ... we'll see.

Why the URL name you ask? (Yes, I CAN read minds ... so be careful what yout hink when you read this blog.) These are the names of the dogs who have "owned" me in my life. The name of the blog is dedicated to them ... they were, or are in Indy's case, all good dogs.

So why "thinkings and ramblings from the "fur baby's" parent"? I know I will ramble ... so I might as well be honest up front.

Until later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch you first must invent the universe."
~ Carl Sagan

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