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Friday, October 10, 2008

Molly's Hat Ensemble

I like to make sweaters, hats and socks, sometimes booties. I asked the members of Crafting For A Cause, if any of them would like to be an Afghan (not Afghanistan) Partner with me. Molly and Lynn both said they had afghans that needed sweaters to go with them. Molly needed a hat with hers and Lynn needed booties or socks to go with hers.

I finished Molly's first... for no particular reason. I should have one of Lynn's sweaters done by the end of today. I am SO PLEASED with how it looks. I can't wait to take a picture and see how well that turns out so I can show Lynn the end results of one collaboration.

Molly had made an afghan and booties in blue and white. I didn't have a matching blue, but I thought the one I picked would go well with them.

Well, I almost ran out of yarn on the sweater, so the idea of a "matching" hat was out of the question. I had to get creative so I decided to go with white for the hat (and made the ribbing, buttonhole and button bands out of white to help coordinate the ensemble.) I wanted to add loops to the hat, but not in the way I had been adding them. I knew there had to be an easier way and I found it. (I will add the hat pattern later... with pictures from a new hat I will make so I can show the steps for the loops.)

The final layette ended up looking like it was planned. The color blue from the afghan and booties is in the sweater. This color was hidden inside the yarn when I first compared it with the afghan. It came out as the pattern progressed.)

Crocheting hands are not snacking hands ~

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