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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Joining in Reindeer Games

Yep, here she is, Miss Indy thinking she is a reindeer.

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There is nothing like seeing her bounding through her first deep snowfall. The joy in her eyes is contagious. Her whole body is so alive when she runs out the door. You can see her "motor" warming up as she waits for us to let her out.

I am still waiting for the day that she dives into a snow bank! One of these days her "brakes" aren't going to work and she will slide into any pile at the edge of the driveway. With the 12+ inches we have out there right now, she will have a "banked" driveway after gene snowblows tomorrow!

As Schwerbo would say, "GERONIMO!"

On cold fur-baby parent~


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