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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Blessing

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At the beginning of a New Year, one should sit down and count their blessings.

  1. I am blessed to have my health.
  2. I am blessed to have a husband who is my friend.
  3. I am blessed to have friends who love me no matter what (and that includes Gene!)
  4. I am blessed to have safely survived 34 years as a school teacher . . .and am now having nightmares about what could have gone wrong!
  5. I am blessed to have been given the sense of humor that I have, even though some people wouldn't consider it a blessing.
  6. I am blessed to have a home full of animals to love.
  7. I am blessd to have a home full of animals who love me.
  8. I am blessed to have a silly dog. She has a lot of fun, no matter what time of the year BUT, in the winter, when it snows, she has more fun than ever.
  9. I am blessed because I was lucky enough to have been born and raised in the USA.

    I know I have posted quite a few Smile Box images of Indy, but this is the best way to get her pictures shared AND a way for me to have them after they have been deleted from the camera.

Enjoy these still shots~


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