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Monday, February 9, 2009

Organizing Crochet Patterns . . Y-U-C-K ! ! ! ! !

It seems like everyone else has time to blog, crochet, eBay, meet on Ravelry and keep up with their Yahoo! stitch groups. All, that is, except me. When I try to do it all I get even further behind.

Today was our weekly WIP report for WNY Crocheters on Yahoo!. I actually sat here and tried to figure out what all I had to do. All I could come up with were four actual crochet projects I need to finish BUT, and you will notice it is a big BUT!

I have been collecting crochet patterns for a year. I started keeping them in a 3-ring notebook. I figured if I could organize all of my worksheets in Social Studies this way, why not my patterns? Makes sense, doesn't it? Well, I have quickly found out that I have collected a LOT MORE patterns than I ever had SS Worksheets.

When I taught, I had one 3-ring notebook for each chapter. In it I had the answer keys in the first section, then the original papers that I would pull out to copy and in the back I would have anything else that went along with the unit. Finally, I got smart and included, inside the cover in the pocket, a general outline of how I would cover all of the materials, quizzes and tests. This was SO WONDERFUL! All I needed to do, once I got this done, was pull out a notebook, get the papers copied and off I went. Even when we got new books, all I had to update were the worksheets. The quizzes and tests usually came with the book. I would still; be able to use a lot of the extra stuff I had accumulated, so I would spend about 6 weeks getting the first two units done, then answering the answer key when I graded the worksheets the first time (keys for quizzes and tests were already done.) Anyway, this was a piece of cake!

Getting my patterns organized is something totally different. Now, if I would place them in the plastic sleeve when I find them, it would be easier . . but why be organized? Right? So, I now have two THICK 3-ring notebooks filled with baby and Christmas patterns. Then two more smaller ones with assorted other "treasures" that I have found. Now, that doesn't include all of the ones I have in a plastic box ( probably 8" x 13" x 8") that is also filled with patterns. As a matter of fact, I have forgotten what is even in this box, it has been so long since I looked in it.

DAMN! I just remembered a WIP (work in progress) that i forgot to put on my list. An afghan, waiting to be put together form yarn that is in a box in the living room right by the sofa. I guess it has become a part of furniture in my eyes! ! ! ! ! ! !

So, on the top of my TO DO LIST is to finally decide what I want to do with all of these patterns (and don't you dare suggest I throw them out! It was too much work finding all of them.)

The Procrastinator from Tonawanda

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