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Monday, March 29, 2010

Gifts I Need to Show Off

Have you ever
been humbled
when people think of you?

This happened to me
after my Swap Partner
in our St Patrick's Day Swap
gave me three explanations
as to what /when she was going to send me

1. She said she had ordered Malabrigo
I know I spelled it wrong)
yarn to send to me.
2. The "items she had for me
were behind other things in the
remodel of her family room.
3. I just have your shawl all ready to mail.

We had agreed to a yarn swap . .
and the swap had originally been
for a scarf.
I don't wear shawls nor scarfs
so we settled on plain old yarn.

So when I heard she had yarn ordered,
I was excited.
I had never used that type of yarn before
and had heard great things about it

Then, I don't hear anything
for a couple of weeks.
This time,
I send her a message
I am told that the swap items
were behind the remodelling of the Family room
so it would be a while before she could get to them.

Okay, I can understand putting something
somewhere that it is inaccessible.

But, when I hadn't heard anything
by the deadline,
I asked again.
This time I was told a shawl would be on the way.

I didn't want a shawl.
If I had, I would have asked for one.

Our agreement was for yarn

So, I told her not to send it,
I would not accept it
if she mailed it to me.

I also told her that I believed
it was probably
somethingthat she had left over
from a Shawl Swapping group she was in.

Well, the you know what hit the fan ! !
And the fan went into high gear when I asked
the group members
for ideas as to
dealing with
Naughty Swappers
from the nest swap

While "it" was hitting the fan,
I found out it was Sylv,
arranged to have
Swap Angels
send me something

(Swap Angels are people who fill in when one swapper doesn't come through.)

Below are the items I received

Dulcy sent the stitch markers, a frame, green pen and the Snail is a Tape Measure.

Brenda made sure my hands would stay warm in our cold basement.
You can tell she made the fingers long just for me :0}

Cat sent the yarn and pins to hold charms.
You can tell I was lucky it made it through the rain the day it came.

And Sylv,
God Bless her soul,
sent this package to me from England.

Someone With GREAT Online Friends

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