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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mr. Squirrel

This is our friend, Mr. Squirrel.
Not to be confused with our kind of friend Mr. Skunk
who visits us sometimes in the evening.

As a matter of fact, this whole area is full of them.
You would see one once in a while in Indiana
but here . . they are everywhere scampering around for food.

In Clinton Park
I would swear that every time we drive around it,
it is a circular area
where two streets intersect,
there have to be close to
a half dozen of them.

As I was going outside
to take a picture of the finished Babette,
I noticed our friend sitting on the front steps,
calmly munching on a peanut I had thrown out earlier.
He took off, but not to far.

You can see
he ended up stopping at our neighbors trash can.
I just had a thought,
he must like "drive through" service.
He picks up his food and then eats while on the go.
I think I scared the shit out of a neighbor boy
who was almost in front of our house.
(He had gone home to get dog biscuits for Indy.)
I wanted to get a pix of the squirrel.

I step off the step I was on,
and I'll bet you know the rest . . . .
I thought I was on the ground
but when I lost my slipper
and started trying to regain my balance
I knew I might be a goner.

So . . . my feet are doing what they can to keep me upright
poor Mason is looking at me like,
"Is she going to fall or is she going to land on me?"
I can imagine his fear at the LAST thought.
When I got to him
I put ,my hand out.
I knew I was slowing down to a stop
and really didn't want to end up with
the sweatpants full of the snow we have left.
His eyes looked up at me,
(Did I say he was on his 24" bike?)
as if to say,
"Oh Shit, I'm A Dead Man Now !"

Lucky for him
I do regain my coordination quickly.
It just depends if the ground
comes quicker than the coordination

So the last pictures
are of Mr. Squirrel up by his home.
He's probably thinking,
"Sure glad I wasn't on that bike!"

I forgot to finish on Mr. Skunk in paragraph 1.
Every once in a while we will get the "sweet" aroma
of Pepe LePew around 10:00 pm.
We think he might have discovered
Mr. Squirrel's peanuts on the porch.
We don't mind him coming up for a snack,
we just wish he could think of another way
to thank us for them :-}
Just Call Me Grace!

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