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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes, my fellow blog readers,
I am finally an Olympic Medalist.
Well . . . . . .
I might just be
the truth a little bit.
I am actually a Ravelympic Badge Winner
from the 2010 Ravelympics.

Ths was my 1st Badge.
I received it
for my original
12" x 12" square
Rose of Sharon Part Deux
(Which can be seen in a previous post, along with all other winners.)

Badge #2 was fun.
It was a hat I adapted
for Aiden O'Donnell
who wll be arriving in about a month.
It was an adaptation of the
Cute as a Bunny hat.
Badge #3 was for Aiden also.
This was the Peruvian Print Sweater.
Again, a modification of another pattern.
(Whose name escapes me n \ow.)

I DQ'd on this one :o{
I should have returned the badge
but I snuckout of town with it
and no one came after me.
I thought I could count my beaded stitch markers
the entries had to be beaded knitted or crocheted items.
A Once, and Future, Ravelympian

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