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Sunday, March 21, 2010

White Chili . . . and Other Random Thoughts

This isn't a picture
of our actual White Chili cooking
but it is a pretty close facsimile.

As a matter of fact . . .
All of the pictures are imposter's
I needed to protect the privacy
of our chili.

You know with apologies to the
writers of Dragnet
"The story you are about to read is true,
The pictures have been changed to protect their innocence."

Well, sort of . . . :

But, I digress . . .
(there is that word I love again)

Alicia and Jared,
our neighbors across the street,
should be welcoming Mr. Aiden into the world
within a week or so.

Gene and I decided it would be
if we made them
some "quick fix" meals . . .
Well, maybe "quick fix" foods is more correct.

We came up with this list:
1. White Chili . . . from my S-I-L's recipe . .via Lauren
2. Beef and Sour Cream . . . my ALL TIME FAVORITE comfort food
3. Beef Stew . . . . one of Gene's best tasting dishes
4. some type of chocolate/peanut buttery thing . . .Jared LOVES this combination
5. Ice Cream Salad . . . tastes like a Drum Stick in a 9" x 9" dish
6. Debbie's Vegetable Salad . . . frozen veggies, a quick, heat and mix dressing . . . SUPER QUICK
And whatever else catches our fancies.

White Chili is done,
and in the freezer.
So is the Beef and Sour Cream.
I will include the recipe,
but must add
that I also thought that
Yancey's Fancy

and Yancey's Fancy

would go good with the chili
was I ever right.
to quote a
famous cook we all know.

here goes,
with apologies to Cindy & Laureen for any typos:

~*~*~WHITE CHILI ~*~*~
1 large jar White Beans
6 Cups Chicken Broth
2 Cloves Garlic . . minced
2 Medium Onions . .sliced /diced / whatever you like
2 T Cumin (ground)
1 1/2 tsp Oregano
1/4 tsp Cloves (ground)
1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 Cans Diced Green Chilies (4 oz cans)
4 Cups Rotisierei Chicken . . . pulled apart/cut into cubes/ however you want it to look
- - - -

Now for THE HARD PART - - - -

Mix all ingredients together and simmer.

- - - - - - - -
On Sunday, March 21, 2010,
I just get a message from Lauren.
She forgot to tell me
to top the Chili with
White Tortilla Chips,
Sour Cream
Cheese to taste . . .

Thanks Laureen . .
tell me when I have it posted! ;0?
- - - - - - - -

Gene and I
so he also added
1 Can Canolini / Great Northern beans
(whichever isn't also labeled as White Beans)
1 Can Soy Beans (these are SO GOOD! ! !)

Since there is SO MUCH BROTH
and I like my soup
as "brothless" as I can get it,
I added a couple of handfuls
of Oyster Crackers
to the bottom of the bowl.
(Wouldn't have had to
if Miss Laureen
had reminded me
about the Tortilla Chips.)

Just a Little "Fart" who likes Easy Recipes

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