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Monday, April 12, 2010

All American Girl

This has to be the UPTEENTH blog background I have had since I finaly have been able to upload them. All the time I have been searching doe something that is eather "Americana" or "teacher-ish" without being too cutsy. This is the best I have found . . so far.

Hopefully, I will be able to start creating my own tempates in time and can try them out on this blog.

So bare with me, my "Faithful Indian Companions." The Lone Ranger, here, may one day settle on something she REALLY likes.

Tonto's Assistant


  1. Hey, Paula, have you tried http://www.myonecuteblog.com/? She has got some cute backgrounds, most free but some are minimally priced. Kris, the site owner, is very nice. Just in case you hadn't checked that one out yet. I do like your red, white, and blue, though!

  2. I actually liked your last one...but this is cute too. :o) Happy Tuesday!


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