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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful day . . . the front porch got warm about 2:00 and I was right out there swinging with the best of them. The porch faces directly west, so no sun gets there until after 12:00 even in the summer . . so it is usually cooler than anyplace else . . . sometimes it is even downright cold when it is so warm in the sun . . . Oh well . . . the price one pays for having a comfy front porch to live on in the summer.

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  1. I don't know how 'northerners' do it year after year of cold and snow. I am originally from NY state myself but moved south when I was 12.

    In response to the back thing...my L5 and L3 discs are bad. I've been fighting this thing for a few years now. I knew they were getting bad but I think now it's really starting to kick in. The numbness and stabbing pains tell me this is so. I have been strapped for money lately and just can't afford to go to the chiro every day like he wants me to. One leg is shorter than the other also and that isn't helping. So I deal with it best I can. The real doc may feel sorry for me and give me pain meds, where the chiro won't. At least the pain meds will let me sleep at night. :o) They are getting real bad about not giving out scripts for pain meds because of all the idiots that abuse them. That pisses me off. People like me that need them and actually hoard them for when we absolutely need them can't get them! These last two weeks have been hell with the pain. I hope I can hang on another week and that the doc sees fit to give me the script. If not I don't know what I'm gonna do.


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