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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons . . One Can Never Have Too Many Buttons

I have always been one who likes to make statements . . . and the more understated the better. I have found that buttons or pins are the best way to say things.

For example, when I taught in Brownsburg there were lots of little things that started bothering me. We were having to do things that really weren't needed, and actually took up time from what we needed to do. I found a stick pin with Micky Mouse on it. On days I wanted to make my statement, I would wear it . . since we were doing things that I considered "Mickey Mouse."

I don't even know if anyone but me knew why I wore it . . but it made me feel better. I guess it was my way of a silent protest

Then there is the St. Patrick's Day button I bought for Dad, that I kept after he died. He would always celebrate the day with some shots of Bushmill Whiskey along with his beers. Lee and I always thought he was funny when he got home. Mom, well lets just say she wasn't as tickled by his "condition" as Lee and I were.

So to commemorate those evenings at the dinner table I found a button for him . . March the 17th, Sleep the 18th. Now even Mom thought THAT was funny.

Then there was the time that sally McAndrews returned from a HASTI Convention with a present for me. She found a button at the gift store in the hotel and she immediately thought of me. Its saying, "Piss Me Off and Suffer the Consequences." Need I say more?

So today, I decided it was time to start blogging about the beginnings of my "yarnie" buttons. In the top picture, you see where my purse/tote always hangs . . . in the stairway right outside our kitchen doorway. This is really a catch all area, but if I keep my tote and keys here, I always know where they are.

In the 2nd picture you can see a close-up of the two pins I have so far. The 1st one if from my friend Nancy who lives in PA. She sent it to me in one of the Ravelry Swaps where we were partners. I attached it to the shoulder strap above the pocket of the tote. This way, I remember which way to carry it, and the people behind me can enjoy the button.

Button #2 is from the Ravelympics this year. I participated in several events, listed somewhere in the blog, and decided to buy the pin to commemorate this "auspicious" occasion. LOLOL @ auspicious.

If I'm lucky, maybe more Ravelry friends will send pins that I can attach to my tote. I would love to display pins from their areas of the country/world. Hum . . might mention that on the boards.

Until then, I shall sign of as,
Woman who Will Blog for Buttons


  1. What a neat idea, Paula! How cool would that be to get buttons from all over the world? I think maybe you've struck on to a great idea! P.S. Love your "market tote". I've made quite a few of these and love them. They are so convenient to carry things around in. :)

  2. What a great idea, Paula. How cool would it be to collect pins from all over the world? I think you should market the idea! P.S. I love your "market tote". I've made quite a few of these and love them. They are so convenient for carrying things around in! :)


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