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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out for a Sunday Drive

I knew I forgot something yesterday
. . .
I wanted to write about the drive we took yesterday.
I thought we were just going on a "cigarette run" for the husband
but we left the bank going in the wrong direction.
Asked where we were going . .
found out we were going for "a drive."

This is a Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose
Notice how the flowers look like they are different colors?

In the life of the "flowers"
they will go through color changes

a bud . . .

 Three different stages of the actual bloom.

 And here is the info tag
in case you think it is something you would like.

I do not like roses.
They look to "perfect"
and have absolutely no smell.
I have read
that they have lost their smell
]through genetically trying for that
"perfect" specimen.

I do like the Joseph's Coat.
I will buy them
without even seeing a bloom.

I LOVE roses
that smell like
"powder rooms."

When we lived in Logan,
we planted a HUGE BLOOMING
climbing pink rose
right outside our bathroom window.
(Can't stand a bathroom with the windows down in the summer
and since our window opened onto our neighbors driveway
some camouflage was needed.)
This rose had the BEST smell.
reminded me of that talcum powder
that was so prevalent when I was growing up.
and comforting.

I have jet to find another one like that
I did find something interesting
plus it smells great.

This is the Don Juan Climbing Rose.
It's blooms are so dark
they almost look black.

Their smell . . .
ah, yes, their smell.
It is just delicious.
To hard to describe,
but reminds me of the
smell of roses when I was growing up.
You know,
back in the horse and buggy days
before botanists started messing with plants.

This is the plant.
Don't the blooms look almost black?

 Not a great bud picture
but there are four of them just waiting to open.

the actual bloom is 100 times prettier than this.

this is the tag you look for if you want one.

Last but not least,
a Russian Hollyhock
and a Columbine.

This is the hollyhock.
If the picture on the tag is correct
it will be a single,
old fashioned

This is the
Columbine Garden.
The one on the right is the new one.

 Close up of the older columbine
Somehow, there are two different colors
coming up together.
Must have gotten two different plants in the same pot
when this one was bought.

Newest Columbine.

to post close-ups
of all three of the blooms we have this year.

This is the older blue and white
that grows from the base of the pink one.

The pink columbine
TOWERS over it's blue siblings.

This year's blue purchase.
I think it is more purple than blue . . .
hope it stays that way.

And what
a productive
drive it was.

Lover of the Joseph's Coat Rose


  1. Ahh, the Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose . . . I didn't know what they were, but I had them growing along my fence at the very first house I ever purchased. I was always amazed at how sturdy they were and enjoyed the changes in color. Thanks so much for sharing. I may just need to find some for planting!

  2. A rose outside a condo we lived in once had an interesting bud. One side was pink, the other side yellow. But once it blossomed, it was all pink. A flower I enjoy are the Heavenly Blue morning glories.

    1. I am a lover of the Blue Morning Glories. For years I planted them around the lamp in my front yard. AS the summer progressed the flowers always ended up reminding me of Cousin It on the Addams Family :)


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