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Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Fun Mother's Day

I made a One-on-one Ravelry Connection.

you may ask,
"is a One-on-one Ravelry Connection?"

That's what I call
meeting a friend
I have made
through the online knit/crochet community
called Ravelry.

Nancy had asked me about what to see
when she, her husband, Dick, sister and brother-in-law
came to Niagara Falls.

I gave her the list of what we have found to be interesting
and they drove up from Pennsylvania on Friday
and left today.

Dick had to fly out of Buffalo/Niagara International Airport
to a meeting in Phoenix.
Gene and I met them at the airport.
After seeing Dick off.
(Well, off to where only passengers can go.)
we three went to a Tim Hortons
to sit,
and grab a bite to eat.

We had to document our visit
to Tims',
as proof that we actually were there.

So we each had Gene take our picture
with Tim's coffee in the background
while Nancy held a Tim travel coffee mug
and I held a can of coffee.

We were sure the employees thought we were crazy . .
and they were right.

We both had a great time chatting . . .
just like we had known each other for years.

Two Ravelers and Tim Horton


  1. Awesome!

    I have a friend. She is a great friend. We met on Myspace a few years back. We met in real life when she offered me the couch of her lil' university apartment when I had to travel north for the divorce hearing.


    We've both done the "online dating thing" with limited success, so our joke is that we are the only successful online relationship we've both had. :-)

    (Brent would have been the exception, but... well, you know...)


    Glad you got to meet a friend. :-)


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