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Monday, June 7, 2010

For Dad . . . D+4

Dad served in World War II.
He never talked much about it.

Once in while
he would tell a story
of something funny . . .
How would YOU like to wake up,
in a barn,
in a foreign country.
in the middle of a war,
to the sound of bag-pipes?

To an Indiana
born and bred man,
I am sure that laughs
weren't what 
came out of his mouth then!
 But, he did tell it funny.

The only thing 
I ever heard him talk about
that was serious
was moving down the roads inland
and seeing bodies 
all along the fence rows.

I can't imagine
how that would affect
a born and bred Hoosier,
from a small town,

So, on this June 10, 2010,
I honor my father,
Paul L. Gaumer
and all of the soldiers
who landed
on a beach in France
on June 10, 1944 . . .
D-Day + 4.

Thanks You, Lord,
for letting my dad come home
so I would become
part of this world.

The Proud Daughter of a World War II Veteran

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