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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10,
Gene and I went to see the
Carousel Band Organs,
along with some street organs ,
that were being displayed at the
old Wurlitzer plant in North Tonawanda.

There had been a meeting/convention,
of people who collect
all kinds of "automated music" machines.
These machines go from a player piano
to the large band organs
that are the musical centerpieces of
Carousels and Merry-go-Rounds.

I told Gene when we left
that I wasn't born under a Capricorn sky,
I was born under a Carousel sky . . .
Just the sound of these Band Organs
makes me smile from ear to ear.

 Looking at the back of the organs
made me feel like
I lived in OZ
and just found out the Wizard was a human.

This is when you see
what really produces
what you hear.

These are the containers (boxes)
for the rolls
that are used to make the music.

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  1. Wow. Amazing! How pretty. I can just imagine the sounds. Reminds me of the Carnival of my childhood. Wish I could have been there. I bet it was great!


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