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Monday, September 13, 2010

Swa(m)p Monster

You have heard, I am sure, of the legends of the Swamp Monsters that seem to be invert culture the world over.

Well, I have come up with another type only this one is a Swa(m)p Monster. I am sure some of you have met this creature. He tends to rear his ugly head hen one gets involved in too many Craft Swaps.

Right now I am involved in:
  1. Vanna's Choice Traveling Scarf Swap . . .have not had one in my possession for what seems like months. My personal scarf is somewhere in Canada.
  2. Itsy Bitsy swap and Chat  Traveling Scarf . . . i have 2 I need to send to Nancy in PA. Not sure where mine is from that swap.
  3. Vanna's Choice Rainbow Connection Afghan block swap: 12 blocks to start with and I have yet to make my 2 and 1 more for someone else. Today I received my 1st two and they are beautiful. It will be a gorgeous afghan when pieced together.
  4. Itsy Bitsy Friendship quilt Afghan Block swap: I honestly have no idea where I am with these. I need to look at my tracking thread and see. I have, however, received 3 so I have joined them, and one of mine, so  1/3 of the afghan is complete.
  5. Itsy Bitsy Potluck Swap: this is our monthly swap . . potluck means anything for the kitchen. I wrote out what I had made and had to erase it. Don't want Miss HD Vixen to know what she is getting :0}

Spent most of the afternoon on the sofa asleep. Last I remember was a member of Obama's staff on The View and then I woke up to something on DirecTv channel 101. Then the hubby woke me up for supper. No idea what caused all the sleeping. Maybe just getting caught up from vacation. Now, will take a couple of Tylenol PM to make sure I sleep tonight . .. and keep the inflammation down in the knees.

Now, dear friends, it is time to get offline and crochet.

Rip Vanwinkle


  1. I know the swap monster only too well. Sometimes its just best to take an afternoon off and get things back into perspective again. Trouble is its addicitve..swapitis

  2. Hey, Sleepy Gus! Wow! You are involved in a TON of swaps! No wonder blessings are not happening.

    As for the ear pattern - I have nothing. Wait! how involved do you want it? My Grace has an ear... Doubt that would be right for the sampler though. Sorry!

    Hope you get all the crocheting done -
    Smiles - Denise

  3. Yes, my dearest friend - swapping is a monster, alright! I had 8 on my table, am down to the Nativity, the Noah's Ark, finished Caribbean AGAIN (remaking and sending the two that didn't arrive), have Juliet's to do, doing a potholder swap with BIG, need to do a square for Santa, doing the Secret Friendship swap in Vanna, and need to finish up the Potluck swap, too!

    THEN I'm taking it easy. May not do any Christmas swapping just so I can have a light load until the New Year....join me on the couch? Did we give each other the Swapitis Bug?


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