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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost GIVE-AWAY Time

My Loyal Readers, at least I hope you are loyal readers by now, I shall have the hubby draw names within the next couple of hours. I have been on the computer for 5 hours no re-writing a pattern for the sleeping bag pictured below. I am so AMAZED that it was so easy to make but such a BEAR to write out!

The body of the bag is a Piece-of-Cake.

Writing the pattern for a heart is hard.
But, then making a heart into a "square"
and the square into a "squared" circle makes it even rougher.
If I have 1` round after the heart correct I will be ECSTATIC! 

Check back this evening or tomorrow to see if you are a lucky winner. At least I hope the winners still feel lucky when they receive their "treasures."

Why Did I EVER Start Designing Crochet Patterns?

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