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Friday, October 29, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Teri, at Hooks and Books, had THE CUTEST punkin' posted today She had taken part in .the October Crochet Along from Crochet Every Day.

I fell in love with the punkin', and made mine during Hoda & Kathie Lee and The View this morning . . crochet, stuffed and sewn together .. . so you know how easy they are.

I decided I would set out my new Indians to go with my older Pilgrims and use the punkin' as part of the set. I know it is a Thanksgiving theme, but I just LOVE my figurines. What do you think?

1st Americans,
1st Thanksgiving
and the flags of 2 American Soldiers
Dad and my FIL.


Check out Megan's blog. I think you will like it.

Made A Punkin' for Aiden's 1st Halloween


  1. Thanksgiving already! Jayne is putting up her tree this weekend. I'm so not ready for the holidays!

    Love your pumpkins and figurines!
    Smiles - Denise

  2. Thanks for linking up and joining us in the CAL. Your pumpkin turned out adorable! Love it! Hope they turn out well for the SPCA too!


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