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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

Today would have been Dad's 93rd birthday . . . Mom would have been 91 on October 20th. 

Paul, Dad, Lee and Mom

Both have been gone for what seems like forever . . . and what is so funny (No Mom, not funny "HA HA," funny "weird.) is that I an NOT remember the years they died. I can remember the date for Mom because she died on her birthday. (A little aside .. . . . when the brother and I were at the funeral home making the final decisions . . Mom and Dad had everything arranged, but we were just finalizing things . . . Paul asked us if there was anything we wanted. I asked him to ask the organist if she could play "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" when they took the casket to the hearse. The brother gave me the strangest look so I had to explain to him . . .and you now . . .

Mom was born at home, two doors down from where we were raised. Mom was Grandma's 1st born, she was in her late 30's and the Dr. was worried about the delivery . . . Mom says Grandma told her the day was so hot for October and when the delivery was over the Dr. was SO PLEASED that he ranked up the gramophone and danced around the room. The song, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles."

So, I thought it only proper that Mom leave the world with the  same song that brought her into the world. And as we walked out behind the casket, there it was . . 'I'm forever Blowing Bubbles" . . . it made me smile. Two special occurrences for Mom . . same music coming in and going out AND, I got to be with her those last moments in the hospital just like she was with me during my 1st moments in the same hospital.  

I believe, if you can't tell, that there are special memories that can be made in even the saddest occasions. 

So, Dad, I know I wrote more about  Mom in this posting. I think I still feel so guilty about not being there the night you died. I keep this memory in my heart and deep in my mind,  but I know you are okay with it. If not, why would you visit us so much here in New York? (Dad's aside . . . Mom and I had a running joke that dad ran over every curb at home. So every time the Husband or I hit a curb I say, "Hi Dad!"  I know he is visiting then . . AND I know he is visiting whenever the turn signal doesn't go off . . . Dad could drive for blocks with a turn signal blinking and not turn it off.)

So, again, Dad, "Happy Halloweenie," as Mom would say . . .  and a Happy Belated Birthday to you, Mom.

I Miss You Both More Than I Ever Thought Possible

PS: I would have posted this earlier, but the trick-or-treater time just got over . . had to give the little munchkins their treats . . nothing like Dad's popcorn balls . . but, then again, nothing could be so good.


  1. Happy birthday to them. Happy birthday to them. Happy birthday to Paula's parents. Happy birthday to them!

    Great memories Paula. Made me smile.

  2. very touching.. Words cannot describe the loss of a parent

  3. Sweet post. I loved it and I'm sure your mom and dad did too.

  4. Paula,
    Please email me at clarascrochetroom@gmail.com


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