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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hockey Clothes

Watching the Sabers playing their first home game this season. I made a rule for this year . . . during all Sabres games I will work on Christmas presents for the new York nieces and nephews.

I started last year. . . . end of the season games gave me enough time to make one and start #2 . . . only 2.5 more to go. . . not saying what they are . . .someone might bust me and tell them :0{

Today, I worked on a project I found last year ad thought it would be a nice Birthday present for Mady (great-niece) this winter. I bravely let the husband pick out the yarns and he did a good job. As a matter of fact, I think my version looks better than the model with the pattern.

I should be working on this treasure now, but I started yawning and decided to put it away until the next game. I sure don't want to make a mistake on this one.

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