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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm Thinking

I'm thinking about having a Christmas Give-Away in November..

Okay, I tried a Give-Away  
when I reached 1,000 visitors . . . 
no takers.

So I thought 
I would try one
before Christmas.

I'm thinking about making
Christmas Potholders
and maybe a set of two
of Holiday Coasters.

if you can't use them,
you would want to give them 
to a friend.
I have given them,
in various colors,
to friends
and family. . .
even had requests
for more.
(Do I sound
pathetic or what?)

If you have any
Winter Holiday
(I know everyone  in blog land
isn't a
Christmas celebrating Christian)
color schemes,
besides red, green and white,
leave me a comment and I will try to oblige.

The potholders
and coasters
will be double thickness
and made out of cotton yarn.

Why Do  Make More Work For Myself?


  1. Well, it sounds great to me! I'll certainly put my name in the pot. I have a giveaway going at the moment until Oct 12 so drop on by.

  2. Sure Paula, count me in! I would love to have something you made!

    Smiles - Denise

  3. Dear Auntie Paula -

    The box arrived & I loved everything in it, even the boy stuff! You are one seriously crocheting auntie. My Mama who is not a crocheter was uhhhing and ahhhing. My Mama also promised to take pictures soon, but today the Fair wore her out! (She's in her mid-30s now, getting old...lol) :-)

    Thanks so much. It was so sweet of you to do that!

    Love, Nuriel

  4. Count me in, red, white and green are also our national flag colours

  5. Hi paula,
    i would love to have something made by you .
    i love blues and different shades of purple and lavender too.
    please count me in
    have a great weekend

  6. A giveaway.......you can bet I'll be in this one. :o)


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