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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sabres and Swaps

Today is my sister-in-law Gloria's birthday . . . .HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLORIA! ! !
 To celebrate, Gene and I are going to a Sabres game with tickets we bought form her.  LOLOL

Well, most is true, we are going to the game, we did buy the tickets from her but we didn't buy them on purpose for her birthday. Gloria has season tickets for the Sabres. She and her  daughter Wendy and son Billy split them up. Then, she sells the rest. I am SO GLAD she was able to get us on her "ticket" list.

We have found out that tonight there will be a 40th Anniversary celebration at the game. 40 years ago TODAY the Sabres played their 1st home game against the Montreal Canadians . . who they are playing tonight. I will tr,y to remember to post, tomorrow, the special events of the evening.

My special even tonight will be Cokes and Popcorn. We usually eat supper there but I am in a popcorn mood, so that may, very likely, be supper tonight. Nothing like popcorn at the "Old Ball Park" or in this case, the  "Old Hockey Rink."

Now for the Swap aspect of this post. We have started our Christmas "Elves and Fairies" swap in our Itsy Bitsy Swap and Chat on Ravelry. The name comes from the name we used at Ball State instead of Santas. This way, all religions are included . . . AND . . . the name is so cute. (At BSU we also had "Hearts and Darts" for Valentines Day.)

The hubby and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby. I needed 2 more skeins of their "I Love This Yarn" in Victorian Ombre . . a muted Christmas color. I figured they would have their Christmas yarns out, and I was right . . but no Victorian Ombre!1!!  I was under the assumption they ALWAYS had this color . . so now I have a baby Sleeping Bag 1/3 completed and am up a creek.

Back to the swap. I also bought the yarn to make gifts for my "fairy."  I am 1/3 of the way (+/-) on a scarf, 23 of the way (+/-) on the front of a pot holder and I have yet to start the Log Cabin haekelbeutal tote. (I know, Rav people, I spelled the name wrong on the tote, but you and I know what I mean.)

The tote will get started when I finish this post. Then, will need to look for "treasures" to put in the box. THAT is the fun part . . . like the stocking stuffers. Hum . . .maybe I should make a stocking to put the "treasures" in. Good idea . . if time allows.

Now, back to the "work table."

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