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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scarf Pattern

It has been a
since I have posted a pattern.

This time,
it will be a surprise
to most of you.
It is a knitted pattern.

It is simple to make.
The base yarn choice
is up to the individual.
The needle size
has to work with the yarn.
The width and length
are up to the individual.

If you know how to knit,
and I mean knit,
not purl,
you can make this scarf.

Note that the bottom is wider.
The scarf is folded up to make pockets.

1 Skein Any Weight Yarn
(picture done in Red Heart, Super Saver brown)
4 skeins Lion Brand Fun Fur
(picture done in Sandstone.) 
Knitting Needles: US size 13
Crochet Hook: Us size J
Tapestry/Yarn Needle

1. Using both yarns together, cast on to  the width you want the scarf. (I cast on to make 14 inches.)
2. Keep both yarns together throughout the scarf.

Rows 1 - ?: Knit in each stitch across. Caste off when you reach the length you desire.

Finishing: you will be making a tube of the flat scarf.

  1. When cast off, a narrow scarf is done.

  2. For a wider scarf: Fold scarf in half, matching the beginning and end of the last row . . these should be on your right side (or the side where you hold your crochet hook). 

  3. Match 5 or 6 more rows from the start to the last row with  stitch markers or yarn to join them. (You don't want to end up with left over scarf on one side . . I have done that and learned my lesson!) 

  4. Join FUN FUR ONLY in the last st of the back half of the scarf

  5. Join the two sides with a sc.

  6. Sc again in the same sp, ch 2, sk 2 rows (if you knit VERY LOOSE, only skip 1 row) sc the ends of the next row together. Repeat *ch 2, sk 2, sc,* until you reach the end. Fasten Off.

  7. Use tapestry/yarn needle to bury the yarn tail.

  8. I finished by folding up the last 6 inches (+/-) to make pockets at the ends of the scarf.

Pockets being modeled by my chubby hands.

Keep Me Warm in the Winter

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  1. I just crocheted a scarf with pockets, going to have to do this now...dang...LOL NOT!!!

    I just recently re-learned to knit so this will be a good one for me to work on my skills.

    Thanks for sharing!


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