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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tooth . . Day Two

Here is what I looked like today
before Catie started to drill out the last filling and replace it.

Don't you think it would make a GREAT Halloween Mask?

Catie was working on
the next to the last molar . .
so she almost needed her whole arm in there
to drill this filling out.

and speaking of Halloween . .
here is our neighbor, and his older brother
dressed up for Halloween . .

he hs the sweater and hat Imade for him on.
Check out the bone buttons!


  1. Can you hear me screaming from here? Oh my gosh! Not the dentist again....hope it's all done soon!

  2. Hmm... OK... " I'll BITE " ;-) why were wearing that mask at the dentist office?

  3. All of that for a tooth? Eek. If you wear that to the door to give out candy -- the kid's will never go to the dentist!

    Ohhh, the baby and your hat and jacket -- all too cute!

    Smiles - Denise

  4. That outfit is GREAT! I hate those dam thingies... I only had one dentist who used one and it was horribly uncomfortable. You are a trooper.

  5. Oh my gosh, Paula.. OUCH!!! I never did like going to the dentist! Hope you're feeling ok, when the work is done! (Will you be able to eat some Halloween candy when the big day gets here?).. Well, LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit you made for your little neighbor! He's cute as a button!.. or bone button?!!.. ADORABLE!! ~tina

  6. OMG...please stop it with the torturing dentist pictures and stories! The dentist is my biggest fear in life. I can't take it. I may have to take to my bed to get over it, which is usually what I do when I have to go. Ugh.

    I'm running screaming from the room now.

  7. Oh... I remember those rubber face things.. :/ I think that is the thing I hate most (beside the drilling/pain.) :( I hope you can get all your dental work done soon. Your little neighbor is sooo cute!! :P (You did a great job on his little outfit, too.)

  8. Cute picture! You figure out which one I'm talking about. ;-)


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