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Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Day

Today was the magical day that I had an appointment at the University at Buffalo's Dental School to get an old filling removed and a new one put in.

I was scheduled for 1:00. arrived at 12:30 to get a parking place within walking distance. . . and left at 4:30.

Does this tell you that a student was working on me? And a 1st year one at  that. She is just adorable. her numbing shots were just awesome . . the best I have ever had . . too bad they wore off to early.

Have you ever had your teeth done with a latex dam in it . . I HATE them, but they use them. Only "good thing" was that when I needed more Novocaine, or whatever they use now, she took it out and had to do the rest of the filling the old fashioned way . . cotton pads and one of those thing-ies they tighten around the tooth.

Well, that good thing turned into a bad thing. When it was all said and done, the filling cracked. So, I go back on Wednesday afternoon and she cleans out the new filling and puts another one it. I think I shall ask for a double dose of the pain meds so there is no down-time.

Think About Me at 1:00 Wednesday Afternoon :0{


  1. I have to go get some fillings tomorrow... hope I don't have the same experience you did. Best of luck on Wednesday!

  2. Is that where you get a good deal on dental work? I don't have dental insurance, but two molars need some TLC...

  3. Oh no!! :( I HATE dental work. I hope the next appointment she can fix your cracked filling. I need to get to the dentist. It's been over six months (can you tell I don't want to go?..) Good luck. :)

  4. I hate getting my teeth worked on too. I always get extra numbing stuff because I am a wuss when it comes to pain. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. xoxox

  5. I have so many "war" stories about having dental work. So, now at my age I am one of those extremely frightened people who only go when I have to, not when I should. I had a really long filling experience one day only to have the dentist tell me I ought to go home and they'd reschedule for another day. I did not go back. I felt it was absolutely ridiculous and I had so much pain. You sound like a real trooper though.


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