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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I MUST show you all my punkin . . I don't think I have shown it yet.

This was from the CAL at Megan's  Crochet Everyday blog.

The left flag in the background was from Gene's Dad.
The one on the right was from Dad.
They have a place of honor
on top of Grandma's China Cabinet
in the dining room.

Last year,
the husband and I found the Pilgrim couple.

This year,
at Hobby Lobby,
we found the Native American trio.
I love the fact that the Native Americans
are all carrying different items . . .
a pumpkin,
a fruit bowl/cornucopia
and a turkey.
Also, there are two women and a man represented.

The punkin of mine
is no longer with'
it's Thanksgiving friends.
I made him as a Halloween "treat"
for our neighbor,
who just turned 6 months a little while ago . . .
He came over in the
skunk costume his grandma made for him.
Not real thrilled about
this costume business . . .
but he did show some interest
in a stuffed,
6 month old hand sized

I am using the pattern to make
"squash" and "apples."
They are being made as cat toys . . .
a little stuffing,
some catnip
and attach a bell to a piece of yarn inside
and VIOLA . . .
an Abigail Kitty Girl approved toy.

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