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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What have I Accomplished Today?

It's 9:54 pm on a Sunday night. I am switching between the Cowboys vs Packers football game and whatever happens to be on the History or History International Channels.

I was just reading another blog and I started to wonder just what I had accomplished today. So, bare (or is it bear?) with me while list today's accomplishments.

  1. "Fell" the clock back before I went to bet at midnight (so that  counts as today, doesn't it?)
  2. Picked up Abby's thyroid meds from Walgreen's.
  3. took pictures of all sleeping bags and hats on Mom's horseman doll . . . maybe they will see when shown on something? If not, they will get sent to the Birth Center at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
  4. posted all 6 sleeping bags on eBay in a group. The grouping feature is great for similar items but it is a pain to remember how it it is used every time I need to use it.
  5. finished everything on the T in "T" is for Thanksgiving, that isn't done in black thread . . ran out of black and need to pick some up tomorrow.
  6. Got the inside of the "F" done in "F" is for family.
  7. Found a box to pack the catnip toys in so I can mail them to the Wyoming County SPCA along with a check for what I have made selling my patterns and hand made items.
  8. finished last of my Elves and Fairies Christmas Swap gift
Wish I could think of 2 more things that I accomplished today to make an even 10 . . .Oh well .  . .such is life.

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Wonder If I Will Get the Catnip Package Mailed Out Tomorrow?


  1. I never seem to get much accomplished, but I feel like I am always doing stuff! Maybe I need to start keeping a count too. ;P My back almost went out today, so I did accomplish some crocheting.. tee hee

  2. Yesterday - 1 Fed baby at 4am, 2 Fed baby at 7:30am, 3 made breakfast, 4 showered, 5 nap (up too much w/ baby, 6 stitched on Grace, 7 started new BBD, 8 had dinner, 9 watched Back to the Future I,II,III, 10 bed at 8:30. I stretched but got to 10. It's all about how important the small things are! ;0)
    Smiles - Denise

  3. I gave you a little linky in my post today and let them know they can enter every day...

  4. You have been really busy. I'll be contacting you later this week about the PIF with a post about it too.


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