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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

28 Cross Stitch Magazines

I have started to collect Cross Stitch magazines . . . well, let's say I am  biding them on eBay and bidding on lots that I can afford. One woman had several different auction s for a total of 18 magazines and I won all of them. When I received them she included a note saying she had included extras. So, I ended up receiving 28 magazines from her. . . that's 10 additional magazines.

I ended up spending $8.25 for the 18 magazines and shipping was $11.70. The cheapest magazine was originally $2.95 and the most expensive was $3.99. So, rounding the cheapest to $3.00 x 18 = $54.00 . . .  and the most expensive rounded to $4.00 x 18 = $72 .00 . . . . so my spending $19.70 is a great buy for the number of patterns I found that I liked.

I have seen several Cross Stitcher's list the patterns they want to make in 2011. As I was looking through them last night I found A TON of things I would like to make. So, I decided to go through them today and make a list of what I would like to make from them. I started at 12:00 and it is now 2:03 and I am finished.

The list is in my left margin and it is LONG. This is only 1 set of magazines/books/patterns I want to do this with. I decided if I went through all of the things I have bought and list what I want to make, t hen I can keep track of what I am doing.

Also, I need to go to BJ's Wholesale Club, here in town, and buy some of those plastic "thingies" that you can put papers in and then save in a 3 Ring Folder. I need to organize the Santa and Snowman Patterns I have bought and this would be the best way to do them . . .since they are individual patterns.

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  1. I hear ya on the organization. I have so many patterns printed out (free) that I need to do that to.


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