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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree

We have a rectangular living room which seems like it would be big enough for a Christmas Tree.  There are pictures of Christmas' here with the husband's extended family that show a tree, but we had problems.

The 1st year we put up our  tree, it look up almost 1/4 of the living room. Not that the tree was that big, we have a stairway at one end which is opposite the front door then next to the stairway is a large opening to the dining room. Then, there are two windows on  the front of the house and 1 on the side. Add that to a ginormous sofa, chair and a half plus a party ottoman we were pretty well 1 lane traffic.

Last year, the husband bought a little tree that we put on the dresser in the room. It was nice, but not quite right. This year I found the perfect tree for us. It was in Solutions Catalog.  I just was at their site and it is no longer online. Sure glad I ordered mine when I did.

Pretty cool, huh?
It is 4 feet tall
and hangs on the wall.
between the front windows
and over Grandma's dresser.

Now, Lets Get Presents Under That Tree ! ! ! ! ! ! !


  1. I can see benefits of hanging a tree on the wall. The higher the tree the more presents you can get under it!!!

    BTW -- how much snow have you gotten in the last few days??? Been thinking it must be over a foot by now!

    Smiles - Denise

  2. Such ambiance Paula darling.....very nice..magazine material, really!! I am impressed.
    You'd invite me over if I lived nearby wouldn't you?


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