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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Made CHocolate Candy (Slow Cooker)

This is what I normally make.
I wanted to post this 
so that those of you
who need a 
easy gift
can make some of your own. 

1pound Milk Chocolate Bark
(I have also used 
melting chocolate in 
milk and dark chocolate)
4oz (1 pkg) German's Sweet Chocolate
12 oz Toll House (semi-sweet) Chocolate bits

Break Chocolate Bark into pieces.
Break German's Sweet Chocolate into pieces.

Put both of these chocolates,
along with the semi-sweet bits,
into a Crock Pot on HI for 40 minutes.

Mix well.

Turn Crock Pot to Low,
cook another hour,
stirring occasionally. 
(I always forget this
and it still works out.)

Pour smooth mixture
into a parchment paper lined
jelly roll pan.
(cookie sheet with edges.)
I add almond slivers 
to half of the sheet now,
just spread in the pan
and cover with chocolate. 
If you want a whole sheet with
 coconut, etc,
mix them in before you pour it out.
Let cool at room temp.
If it's to warm to set,
put in refrigerator
until set.
(I ALWAYS have it set up
in the fridge.) 
Break into pieces and enjoy.
for the Christmas Version.
I bought,
on sale at AC Moore,
candy molds 
that are shaped like
a gingerbread boy
and a christmas tree.

Then the husband and I
bought a candy mold
with about 12 tiny 
Christmas trees on it
and a cookie sheet,
where you can press dough
into it,
  that is Christmas Theme
shaped cookies. 

I tried molding chocolate
into the two items
the husband and I bought.
Beautiful candy . . . 
and they look like
we bought them
from a candy maker
who knows what they are doing.

if you need something fast,
that will impress people,
make this chocolate
and give it on a nice plate . . . 
the dollar store here 
(the one 
where everything actually
is $1)
has some nice silver serving trays.

Let me know
if you make this
and what the response is
to it.

Cheap AND Creative


  1. Man oh man....chocolate. lol.

    To answer you, yes, I will be donating to locks of love the required 11 inches, and then I am donating to http://www.matteroftrust.org/ as well because I have plenty to give. :o)

    And if you didn't get my email...go ahead and open your gift...I hope it made it ok without damage. You never know with the carriers. xoxo

  2. Cool idea. Would you hand me that chocolate star, please? Looks yummie.

  3. I should not have read this at 10 pm at night when I am hungry... :P It looks SOOO yummy! I have some candy molds but not the gingerbread man or snowman or anything... I might actually try this one soon. :D


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