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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paula's "Wish List 2011" Challenge

I was just over at Lyssa's blog . . . .and was reading about the January 2011 Challenge she is taking part in, as are LOT of my Cross-Stitching friends.

This is what she wrote about this Challenge: One is to start 15 brand spanking new projects.

Here is My Challenge:
  1. Make a list, titled WISH LIST, 2011, and post on the sidebar of your blog, of all the projects you would LOVE to make in 2011.
  2. Now, sit there and laugh because you know there is NO WAY you will NEVER complete all of them.
  3. If, and when, you do complete something. . . move them to another side-bar post labeled: YES! I Finished This Wish List Item
  4. Even  though this is a "tongue-in-cheek" challenge . . . it is an honest way ,to post and then keep up with your progress.
I did make a posting, on my left side-bar of Cross-Stitch projects I would like to make. Perhaps this is the beginning of MY "tongue-in-cheek" challenge. If, and when, I complete one of them, I shall post them in my Yes! I Finished This Wish List Item side-bar posting.

Let me know if you want to join . . . and link to this post and we will see if "dreamers" can be "achievers."

YES! I Am A Dreamer

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  1. LOL...just when I'd finally trained myself to only work on 3 or fewer projects at once! I may join a bit later in the year, just not right now...but I love this one too!


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