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Sunday, December 5, 2010


The food . . not the game. This is a MUST HAVE in my household since the mid 1970's.

When i was teach in in Brownsburg, my friend Jane brought this to school. It blew Chex Mix out the window. (It was her MIL's recipe.)

When I 1st started making it,  it wasn't a problem. Then, it became something to give to other people who liked it for Christmas. Now, I have to make at least 4 turkey roasting pans full of it. I use the top and bottom of the HUGE roasting pans and fill both parts, which are almost  running over when I try to mix everything, then bake them. I have to do this at least twice and maybe 3 times . . .depending on how "accurate" I measure it.

The year we got married I started making it in August, filled the largest zip-lock bag's I could and stacked them in our upright freezer. They took up one whole shelf. I wasn't sure how many people were coming so I had no idea how much I would need . . . I just hoped I had enough.

We ended up with 30 or more round tables .. . . a teaching friend's husband had worked for the boy scouts and had a lot of their popcorn tins left so . . .the husband covered 30 tins with iridescence silver paper . . . we put one in the middle of each table when we decorated. Then, before we left, we filled each can with Scrabble . . . since we got  married at 10:30 am, the mix was still great for the reception. We actually had enough for all of the tables with enough to send home with relatives and friends who only got it on Christmas.

I sat the roasting pans on the stove so that I will start the 1st batch tomorrow. Might have to make some homemade chocolate candy tomorrow too. I bought Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Boy molds at AC Moore when they were on sale. I am going to try and make "candy bars" with these molds for Christmas gifts. This way, no gift receipts to give with gifts. If they don't like the food, I will gladly take it back home with me!  he he he  he he he he he he



  1. This sounds yummy, how about a recipe?!

  2. No pic or recipe????? :o( You tease. lol. It sounds really good. I guess if you did put a pic up it would just make us hungry. I never heard of it before.


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