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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sock Monkey Families

This is a picture of my 2nd Sock Monkey Family. The larger 2 are “human” gifts . . one for a niece and one for a neighbor baby. I put one together during an NHL game and the other during an NFL game.

The smaller monkeys are supposed to be Sock Monkey Ornaments but I put a bell and catnip in them and are giving them to all of my friends with cats. 4 of them are missing . . 2 have been packed and are in the mail to Crown Point, Indiana, and the other 2 are on their way to Rochester, NY.

Oh, when I make these I make 3 legs (2 are arms), the head, muzzle, ears and hat before I make the body. When I have these “parts” done I make the 4th leg, attach whichever leg, of the three I have, looks closest in diameter then make the body, attaching the last 2 legs (arms) as I crochet the row I want them in.

I found out that if I set the hat a little to one side, it makes the monkeys look “French” so I do that on all of them and skip the eyes.

This photo shows my 1st Family of monkeys . . except I think the larger one looks more like Sheri Lewis’ puppet, Lamb Chop.

Pierre and Maurice  went to Crown Point.

Andre and Isibelle
are on their way to a little girl cat and boy cat
in Rochester, NY.

Lamb Chop will stay at my house for my 4 daughter cats.

The Mistress of the Sock Monkeys


  1. Funny.. I got a LOT of crocheting done yesterday while watching football games too! I have been WANTING to make these little guys for so long!... Maybe after Christmas, we'll see. Yours came out adorable! LOVE them!.. especially the one in pink! ~tina

  2. They're all cute. I love the French names. I have had a sock monkey pattern forever. Have never made one yet. Yours are adorable. :)


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