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Monday, December 6, 2010

This is Scrabble

Sitting here laughing at the title . . . I should have said, "This is Scrabble, as compared to This is Jeopardy!"     LOLOL

First batch of Scrabble is in the oven. I am AMAZED at how the amount in the packages I use has shrunken since last year. You will notice in the pictures how the contents of the roasting pans is at least 1 inch short of the top of the pans. Guess this means more of these will need to be made than I thought.

Here is the recipe which makes exactly what you have seen in the pictures.
(Recipe link without pictures appears at the bottom. )


1 Box Cheerios (large)
1 Box Rice Chex (large)
2 Boxes Wheat Chex
2 pkgs Pretzels . . your choice of size
16 oz of Mixed Nuts (WalMart, around here, seems to have the cheapest HUGE containers)
2 LARGE Roasting Pans
Season Salt
Garlic Salt
Salad Oil
Worcestershire Sauce
2 - 16oz bags of M&M's

I use as much generic as I can. You may notice that this time you I used name brands . . we had GREAT sales and the husband had coupons.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the cereals. I have used Crispix, Corn Chex, Multi-Bran (or is it Multi-Grain?)Chex.

The ONLY CEREAL I MUST use is the Wheat Chex . . . and, of course, it is the smallest box of the Chex cereals. It figures.

All set out and ready to go.

My, my . . how the contents of the bags have gone down since last year.
Still the same amount of waste . . wish they all would go to bags without boxes.

  1. Divide the Cheerios and Rice Chex between the two pans.
    Add one box of the Wheat Chex and one bag of pretzels to each pan.
  2. Top with Mixed Nuts.

Almost ready . . the Magic Mixture is coming up!

You will make the following mixture twice . . once for each pan Combine 1 1/2 C Salad Oil and 4 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce. (I use a 2 Cup measure and use 1 1/2C Oil and 1/4C Worcestershire Sauce . . works great.)

The Magic Mixture ! ! ! ! Without this, all is lost :0{
  1. Pour some of the mixture over the cereal mixture in one pan, sprinkle (to your liking) with the Season and Garlic Salts. Mix cereal mixture and repeat until you run out of the liquid.
  2. Make another mixture of Worcestershire Sauce and Oil and repeat step 6 for the 2nd pan.
  3. Bake at 200 degrees F for 2 hours, stirring every 1/2 hour.

My oven is rather tight so I rotate the pans from shelf to shelf after 1 hour.
When mixture cools . . . add one 16 oz bag of M & M's to each pan and mix.

Mixture can be stored in freezer for quite some time.
6 Cups of the Scrabble will fit into  a 1/2 Gallon Zip-Lock Bag (They don't need to be freezer bags). . . and I used to get 7 bags . . but probably not that  many this year.

If you want a clean copy of the recipe . . . click here.
Please let me know if you have any trouble opening it.

Thanks Heavens for Jane and Her Scrabble Mix(17,152)


  1. That looks and sounds really good!!! Thanks for posting the recipe. :o)

  2. That looks yummy. The way our kids devour food, I am afraid to make it though... ;P

  3. sounds like a winner..i am going to make this..thanks


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