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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lauren's Scarf and Hat

Scarf and original hat. I thought this pom pom looked to small so I removed it and added a bigger one.
 Thanks to everyone who participated in my Birthday Give~Away.  Tomorrow will be working on getting all of your presents wrapped and ready for mail.

Until then, I need to show you the scarf and hat I made for my niece, Lauren. I mailed it to her last Friday and she called me yesterday and said she LOVED IT! I'm glad about that. I love the colors, but, then again, I like the loud, rainbow colored yarns . . specially in the winter when it can be so ugly outside.

This is the finished hat with the larger pompom. Notice how nice the sides stitched together.


  1. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I love it!... love the colors, love the design... really really inspiring!...
    Thanks for your message ... It made me feel close to you... As you have read, my mom left two years ago... and my every b-day I remember she enjoyed buying a cake and cooking the nicest meals to share with my friends... Well.. as you said, parents and children have an everlasting bond.. I'm thankful to have my father... he spoiled me now.. jajajaj.. he got the cake this year.. :-)
    Thanks again for your words and We'll be in touch.. I promise.



  2. What a fun project! It turned out so lovely!

    I really like the combination of stripes and granny blocks! The edging really ties everything together. Very fun.

  3. I love this hat and scarf! It's so colorful!

  4. I can see every kid everywhere with these. So pretty and colorful. Truly very pretty. Thanks for your comments and for being the first to try my new linky page!


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