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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Neck Warmer

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I have finished the neck warmer
that I found on Mindy's (In the Loop) blog..

I made it longer than was needed
just so it would go behind the buttons on the coat.
I know that the wind will sometimes get to me that way.
It can also be worn backward with a hoodie . .
keeping the front of the neck warm
while the hood does it's job with the back.
I did not have the size buttons I needed
 so I dropped back 5 yards and punted . .
or, in American English,
I made do with what I had.
I think it came out okay.


  1. I love the colors! It turned out really great!

  2. What a pretty stitch and yarn to go with it. Nice!

  3. Beautiful work! I received a package from you in the mail today! love the crochet magazines... the one from 1989 is ALMOST as old as I am!!! Thanks again!

  4. I love the color combination. Your counter says 22111. I notice stuff like that. :o) xoxo


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