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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paula's 11 Days of Birthday Presents . . .Day 8

(In The Loop)
is the "birthday girl"
for present #7.
Her answer to yesterday's question was:
I think I'm a bit more brave in the projects I'll attempt than I've ever been before. I'm also working on being less of a perfectionist with everything because there just isn't enough time to be, and not everything matters THAT much, right?!!

on to
Present #8 . . . 
 To enter:

you need to answer the question of the day.

Question Day 8:
What is 
one thing
YOU can do
this year
to increase
your own enjoyment?

My Answer:
Get outside and enjoy nature more.
I need to appreciate
what God has placed there
for us to see.

Present Day 8 
DMC Variegated # 4200 . 4124, 4126, 4050, 4030 nd 4235
a pair of 5" Scissors
Some Linen,
not sure of the count,
but a large enough piece to make something nice.
 To win,
  1. you need to be a follower (or a friend on Facebook or in Ravelry)
  2. post about the daily give~away on your blog. "No blog?" you may ask.
    Then post about the give~away on Facebook or Ravelry  and tell me where to find it.
If you win,
and I hope each of you do,
you need to
fire out an email,
in my direction,
the day/or the day after
the winner is posted.
(thefurbabiesmomma at gmail dot com)
with your snail mail address.

on January 12,
(at least
that is the date
I am shooting for)
I'll mail the "presents" out.
This way,
if you are a multiple winner,

(YES . .
You May Enter EVERY DAY
WIN More Than Once!)
I will combine your items
in one shipment,
if needed.

Day 8 Of the Count Down To January 11  
(19,247 - 19,946)


  1. Congrats, again, Mindy!

    Something I can do to increase my enjoyment... make more surprise gifts... don't make anything I loathe making.

  2. Yeah, cross stitch stuff! lol

    To answer your question - Spend more time in the hammock, don't fret the small stuff, and make plans to do more.

    Paula, thanks for having such a great give away. Happy Birthday!


    i WILL say NO when i dont want to do something

  4. Wow! Thanks!

    I'd like to enjoy my family more than I already do. I love them, and I want to take time to enjoy them! ;-)


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