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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pay It Forward

I received a darling parcel in the mail from Clara (Clara's Crochet Room). It was from her Pay It Forward and it was my 1st time participating in Pay It Forward. What Fun!

Isn't that tote with the Canadian stamp of a Polar Bear adorable?
The three books are4 great and the scarf . .
Well, Clara outdid herself on that one.

Now, she lives in in Canada, so it took a little while to get  here. I am always amazed at that . . we are SO CLOSE yet the mail between the countries is slow. I have mailed things to Europe and Canada and the European mail was received faster. Go figure?

Now it is my turn for a PIF. If you want to participate just leave a comment on this post only saying you'd like to join the fun along with any 1 or all 3 of the following:a color you like, your favorite holiday or if you collect anything.

You have until January 29 . . . 5 DAYS to enter and I will then pick 3 names. Those three will get gifts from me. Once you get the gift, then, you must send something you've made on to 3 other people. (A hint here for anyone worried about mailing things is to send something light and easy to wrap so your postage is not too expensive.)

The BEST Part, for me, and the WORST part for you is you don't know when you will receive the gift :0}

More information about the original PIF (borrowed from Clara):



  1. Should read January 29th...not 39th. :o) I'd love to participate but am really tight on funds right now. Property taxes and 3 vehicle tags wiped me out!

  2. LOL..I love that pic of Indy! How funny that she'll let you do that to her. Leo would never let me do that to him.

  3. Hey I would like to join in
    Color: Purple, teal, black, pinks
    Holiday: Christmas
    Collect: snowmen, dolphins, seashells & Candles

    Also so I dont forget I got the Birthday giveway package today thank you so much I loved it all

  4. So glad the parcel finally arrived. I opted for the cheapest method to send that may be why it takes so long, but when you are sending so many parcels sometimes it is the best route to go....just takes a little longer. Also, living in a rural area as I do, it adds a little more time as well.

    Have fun with your PIF, I enjoyed it.


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