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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weather and Body(ies) Update

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As I look out the window, I, again, am seeing that snow that looks identical to Ivory Snow type of flakes we have been getting the last couple of days. Not any noticeable accumulation . . not sure of the temp (I need to check out the Butt High Snow weather widget at the bottom of thee blog so I know our temp.)

Today's snow is thicker than the "fake snow" that falls on the blog. But Thursdays snow looked like someone had opened all of the feather pillows in heaven and was dumping them on us . . .so beautiful.
 with me.)

This brings me up to Abby, my 13 year old grey  cat. This was our 5th Christmas in New York. The last time she was at the vet she was prescribed a pi;; to take for a thyroid problem that showed up in her blood work. She had been losing weight since Dr Cross had 1st seen her in 2006. She thought it might be thyroid, and it was. (My Coke had the same problem years ago and he had to have surgery . . and it gave him 7 more years.)

I had to take Indy in for her rabies shot, and told Dr. Cross that it was getting harder and harder to "catch" Abby to giver her pill twice a day. I hated it that she had quit coming up to me for petting because of the pills she had to get.

Solution, at least I hope it becomes the solution, is for her to get a gel form of the medicine. I needed to go to a "compounding pharmacy" since this was a script that had to be made from scratch . . just like pharmacists have done for years. The closest one is in Williamsville, so the husband and I had a short drive to pick it up.

This is one of the coolest scripts I have ever seen. The gel comes in a tube that looks like a small (in circumference) lipstick case. On the inside and the outside of the clear bottom are two black lines. Turn the bottom once around until the lines line up and you have made one turn. Abby gets two turns for her meds.

The gel comes out of the tip . . . looks a lot like lip balm/Vaseline/Burt's Bees/chaps tick . . you get the idea. Using a gloved hand (I use the fingertips of a glove over my "pointy finger" take the gel and rub it on the hairless part of the cat's inner ear. COOL, HUH?

SO, I started Friday morning. . . had the husband "catch" her. I held her on my lap and gently rubbed the gel into her left ear. She just laid there and was probably wondering where her pill was and why I was massaging her ears . . . which she loves.

Friday night, she actually jumped up on the sofa to see what I was doing . . .1st time since we started her pills 2 months ago. I grabbed her, and did the gel massage in her right ear. She looked at me like , "What's up - No Pill?"

Now the BEST part of the gel . . last night was the 1st time she jumped up on the bed and actually came over to me for loving . . . I am just SO ISOSTATIC! I thought she was going to stay clear of me forever. And, poor little girl, she follows me all over but runs away when I get close to her . . .those pills were pretty traumatic for her.

So, hopefully we have found a way to get her meds into her so she won't have to face any surgery . I would much rather spend the money on her meds than lose her :0{

Now, to my Penis Bursitis in the left knee.

I finally saw an orthopaedist Thursday morning. Wore shorts under the sweats so he could look and feel the knee in all it's glory.

Here I am, lying on the exam table . .feet firmly planted, knees pointing to the ceiling, He twists and turns the knee. . . some pain. (This was what Dr's Montgomery and Granger did when they discovered the torn menisci in both the left and right knee years ago in Logan.)No Pain . .well,, some but not the excruciating pain I haved been having.

Next, lets squeeze different places on the left leg . . the pain is right between the kneecap and the upper fibula and tibia . . .

Dr., "Does that hurt?"

Me, "No."

Dr., "Does this hurt?""

Me, "No."

Dr., "Does that . . . .O-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W. . . I guess that's where it hurts."

Me, said to myself, in my mind, "No shit, doc! Can I see if I peed down my leg now?"

Come to find out, no Pens A_____ Bursitis (or as I call it, Penis Bursitis). I have another problem with the meniscus . . and I have been walking on the sucker since the beginning of December. I figured it would be like it used to be . . hurt for a while and go away . . Nope . . not this time :0{

So, different med . . only cost $4.09, and a script for a PT appointment (I made  it and the earliest I could get in is Feb 7.) and told his secretary would call  me in 4 weeks to schedule a follow-up.

So, now I am at a wait and see period.

Have you ever heard the joke about the soldier who had been shot with a TON of arrows. When he got back to the fort, the doc asked him if it hurt. The soldier, with all of these arrows sticking out of his body responds, "Only when I laugh, doc."

That's what I feel like with the knee . . the knee only hurts when I walk on it, twist it or a doc squeezes it . . ROFLMAO

It s Only Hurts When I Walk On It, Plant My Foot When I Get Out Of The Car or Some Doc Squeezes it

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