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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I MUST Get Busy

I just noticed I have 92 followers  . . . YEAH ! ! ! ! !

But, I am sad . . . I wish I knew more of you better.  I feel that that I know those of you who leave comments . . . and if you leave a comment and I don't know who you are, I check out your blog, if you  have one, so I can see "who you are" through what you write.

Whoops . . . makes me wonder what you think I am through what I write . . . he he he he he . . . But, yes, I am me . . . I write as I am . . . no way to hind that . . . warped sense of humor, potty mouth and all.

Now, to get back to the title of this post .. . . it seems like my neighbors in Blogy-land have give~aways for every big event in their lives and their "blog~lives."

Well, 100 followers will be a B*I*G - - - E*V*E*N*T to this little (and I use THAT term very loosely) bloggers life. Hell, I don't think I have 100 followers (friends) in my  non-blog life. But, when I make a friend, I keep them for life . . so you blog-friends better be careful if you stick around because you will be committed (and I use THAT term with ALL of it's meanings) for life :0}

As you know, if you are TRUE followers, I crochet, cross stitch, design crochet patterns and am trying my hand at designing cross-stitch patterns. Wonder what I will come up with for my celebration? If you have seen something you like, or something that I could adapt for you, let me know.

The Merry Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut


  1. I've just become an official Follower :o) I'm sure you'll reach 100 in no time!

  2. Congrats on getting closer to 100 followers!!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. YIPPPPIE you'll be there in no time

  4. YAY! Almost 100! I cant even seem to get to 25... but then... I find you more exciting than I am! Congrats and can't wait for you to hit 100!


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