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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY ! ! ! !

Okay . . .
so I'm not Dorothy
and I'm not in Kansas anymore.
As a matter of fact,
never been in Kansas.

I digress. 

I have always
been interested 
in genealogy. 

It might have been triggered
by the fact 
that my maternal grandfather
had nieces and nephews
who were older than him 
when he was born. 

There were a TON of people
with his surname
in and around the county
where I was born. 

As a matter of fact
when I taught science
I had my kids do family trees.
One of my students,
with my grandfather's surname
had one of the best I had seen
and she even brought in info
that I had never seen.
I copied it,
and thought I still had it
 but I can't find it.

Later on,
I saw another student's tree
our family surname was on it.
I didn't mind being related to her
but I think her brother
must have had the genes
from their dad's family :0}

Anywho . . . 
a parent of two former students
got in touch with me via facebook.
His wife is on my Father's  family tree . . . 
though I don't know where.

He said he had been in contact 
with a gentleman who,
come to find out,
has 80 -- 100 pages worth of
my paternal family tree.

WOW ! ! ! ! !
I received an email from him today.
I shall call him this weekend. 
His info ends with my generation
(HA HA HA Allison, Lauren Chris and Matt!)

I need to get 
all of the birth, wedding, divorce and death dates
our family, Aunt Helen and Aunt Ruth's family.

Yesterday I sat down
and typed up a list
of all of the info could cull
from info that Aunt Helen had given me
and info she had written in her address book.

I MUST see if I can find
any Bosley's in Orchard Park.
(This is where the Buffalo Bills
football  stadium is located.)
Dad and Aunt Helen both had
a Margaret Bosley
 in their address books
who had an address there.

when Aunt Helen found out
Gene was from Tonawanda
she said she and Ethel,
her cousin from Peoria, Illinois,
 had visited their cousin
who lived in Tonawanda.
She had lived on a street that
lead to a river.
I found this person
in Dad's address book.
When Gene and I moved here,
we looked up this address.
It was on a street
that led to Ellicot Creek . .
so had the right place . . .
just the wrong body of water.
I am not searching for this cousin's
family . . .she had no children.
But, I would bet my bottom dollar
that she was Margaret's daughter.

this weekend I shall call
my long-lost cousin Gil in Lee's Summit, MO
and see what I can do to help him
with the 6th and 7th generation
of the Gaumer family tree.

I will finally try
to track down
any relatives of Margaret Bosley.
it will be
and Kreiders,


  1. How wonderful! I hope that the family tree you are getting ties in with yours. Here's a good FREE place to go for genealogy info https://www.familysearch.org/ . Ancestry is good but it's an additional expense. I was hot and heavy into researching my family tree just prior to Internet access for the general public and I visited LDS family history centers at LDS churches. They have a lot of things at their centers but also have access to getting much more. My grandmother's maiden name was "Deck" and that's a heck of a thing to google lol! Happy "Hunting"

  2. Wow--that's an amazing amount of work, and a great memory you have! Have fun!

  3. Glad that you've had some luck. I've started getting the "itch" to work on my family tree again too. My son thinks that he can subscribe to Ancestry for a month and do it all. I told him it would take a lot longer than a month to get all the way back to Adam and Eve. :)

  4. My mum has been doing our family tree - and most branches of it. I find it quite fascinating to see where we come from


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