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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine

The Polar Express must have taken a right at Albuquerque," as Bugs Bunny would have said.

We got enough snow for the plows to come out. Cars in east/west driveways are almost snow less, but those in north south driveways have snow Guess we did have some wind last night.

Indy has been out, She brought in a little snow on her paws and it was about the texture of sand . . . strange snow feel . . . guess this is how it falls when  there is rain high up in the atmosphere and freezes when it falls. . . but not enough to be hail . . . strange weather here in WNY! 

Now, I'm wondering how Barb in Queensland, Australia is doing with that cyclone heading her direction?

You won't believe this  . . . well, really you will . . . almost everything in WNY Is closed and there is a car parallel parking in front of our house . . New York State Driving test for a license. They start on the street immediately south of us then, the husband says, they have done their parallel parking in front of this house since they moved in almost 40 years ago . . . I think they need too do a run to the iced road section and see how they handle that!  he he he he he

Okay, time to get some breakfast. This getting up when normal people get up makes me hungry :0}

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