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Saturday, March 12, 2011

It Might As Well Be Spring

There's nothing
like a little Rodgers and Hammerstein
on  drab winter day.

But, I noticed
that some of  our bulbs
were starting to show themselves.
Here is a little it of spring
from Western New York.

Crocus in the front flower bed.

The first hyacinth of "spring."

Last season's gray Lavender
and this year's green shoots.

Daffodils under the clothes dryer vent.

Tulips, either red or yellow, getting a start on spring.

Yes, It Might As Well Be Spring


  1. Oh thank you for the pics! I needed a spring reminder! March winds are blowing today. And a strange yellow round thing was in the sky - any ideas what to call it?

  2. I think we are 3/4 weeks ahead of you, I sit and watch our garden bloom, I love this time of year, so much promise.

  3. boy, how nice those pictures look. Here in Upper Michigan we can't even see the ground, it is recovered with the snow.

  4. It WILL come after all!!! Thanks. ;-)

  5. My tulips don't do good. They start to come up and then die. I'm thinking I don't have enough dirt on top of them. After they die this time I"m going to put some more dirt on them. Maybe next year they'll come up and have flowers on them. Glad yours are starting to come out. Spring's not far behind! xoxo


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