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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh The Weather Outside . . .

it wasn't frightful
but a fire would have been delightful
during our trip to Indiana this past week.

Here are a couple of shots
of the outside
when we got up
Wednesday morning,
March 23.
You are looking at 3" of snow.
Nothing like a snow covered car on March 23!
I didn't take any pix
of the
"Dr. Zhivago-esque"
scenery south of Buffalo
through most of 

For almost the entire width
of Ohio,
 we drove through the crappiest rain
we have ever driven in.
And I won't even mention
the slop the trucks 
threw up on the windshield.

the weather in Indiana
was cool . . .
like fall instead of a cool spring.

Coming home,
when we were in Pennsylvania,
I looked out the husband's window
and got a BIG SURPRISE . . .
I could see Lake Erie . . .
F*R*O*Z*E*N! ! !

I said frozen.
the  husband 
had always told me it was
out "that way."
But all I could ever see was sky . . .
now I know
that the bottom of 
the sky I saw
was actually
Lake Erie.
The frozen waves look like wires across the picture.
See those low lying clouds above the trees?
You aren't  seeing clouds above those trees, that's frozen Lake Erie.
Our last view of Lake Erie.

Where Lake Erie 
the Niagara River
there is an 
"Ice Boom"
that stops the ice 
from going down the river 
and damaging the
water intakes.

The boom should be taken out 
April 1.
(The actual date can be earlier . . .
it depends on how much ice is left
on the lake.)
This year, it will be
April 1 . . .
the lake is still pretty iced,
as you can tell by the pix.

When the boom comes out,
the ice flows down the river 
to Niagara Falls.
When it flows,
the ice looks like thousands
of little glaciers
floating down the river.

I'll take pictures of this and post them
when the
start to flow.

PS: This is what the outside of our house looked like when we pulled in Monday night, March 28. 
The sun is deceptive . . . it's C*O*L*D outside!

I'm glad the crocuses (or is it croci?) don't mind the snow and cold.
Our house faces west, so the sun has melted a lot of the snow.Across the street, it's still there

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  1. When the ice moves on 'our' river - we sometimes call them slushies. If you get the chance on the 1st to hear what the ice sounds like when it starts moving - go listen. It groans - if there are trees and such in with the ice - it will scream. Eerie sounds.


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