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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Goin' On

Where's Marvin Gaye when you need him? 
His song 
just keeps running around 
in my head . . 
and with MY head, 
there is a TON of running room to run in.

Here's the gist 
(or maybe it should be jest, as in a jester)
of what's been going on here in Tookeville.

The youngest nephew,
got engaged on Valentines Day.
Congratulation . . . .any wedding plans
in the near future . . .
do we need to get ready
for an Indiana Road Trip
any time soon? 

As time went buy .  . . 
and not a lot as I look at the calendar . . .
July 1, 2011 was set
as the wedding date.

5 months to lose some weight
and find some shoes to wear
and maybe a new outfit.
No problem-o.

Friday, Feb 25,
I think,
I get a call that the date was changed
Now, it's March 26,
he thinks?

No weight loss 
here at Casa de Tookeville.
Did I really think
I would have lost any
by July?
Not a chance ! ! !

When I finally hear 
that it is a 
the phone calls start.

a call to 
Sandberg Bed and No-Breakfast
to see if there will be room 
at the Inn for us.

That is a GO!

a call to Mel,
to see if her calendar is open
to pet sit the "girls."

That's a GO!

So now
I just need to check and see
if any of the jumpers I have
in the "adult clothes" closet
still fit.

 I sill need to check out
some decent "adult" shoes.

I just HATE to break in shoes
and I have to have shoes
that go with denim . . .
none of those dress-up shoes for me.
I'm just not
the dress-up kind of gal.

in the back of my mind,
I'm thinking about
checking out a 
"spring-ish" shirt
for under the jumper.

enough about me
on to the wedding.

When I talked to Matt
I asked him if he would like me
to furnish the cake for the reception.
I could tell he was grinning as he said,
"Your name did  come up for this."

So, Aunt Paula and Gene
are the "cake fairies"

I asked Julie
to check out
the DMC Floss at Joanne's
and give me the numbers
of the floss that best matches 
the color she wanted.

Last night 
she called with the number.

This morning I hit A.C. MOORE,
picked up the two colors she picked
and headed to the bakery. 

Oh, I forgot this part,
we had already been to the bakery
with the  pictures of cakes
that Julie liked 
so we could discuss 
what we could do .  . . 
that would work
for an 8 hour drive
to Indiana
on Wednesday,
for a wedding on Saturday.

The cake is going to be
I asked the baker 
what she thought
would look good.

To my surprise,
we were both 
thinking the same.


I gave her the floss
and she thought
that was a GREAT idea
for matching colors.

Paula needs to get 
her "thinking cap" on
so I can decide
just what I want to "make" them
for their wedding present.

As Shakespeare said,
"There's the rub."

I have a couple of ideas,
just need to set down
and drawn/sketch them out.
This won't get done for the wedding,
I hope,
it will be worth the wait.

Oh, yeah,
last night I called
the cousins, 
Marilyn and Debbie
to give them a 
heads up
to save the date.
Since Aunt Ruth
is in a nursing home,
they will have to decide
who is coming
and who is spending the time
with Aunt Ruth

while home
I get the "yearly"
haircut from Casey
(who knows how my hair works)
Figure out,
before we leavehome,
what genealogy stuff
I need to get the
Health Department
and some Winegardner info
at the Historical Society. 

An last,
but not least,
a trip to Crown Point,
on Sunday,
to see Aunt Ruth.
Ihaveen't seen  her
since Aunt Helen's funeral.
So, it's about time for me
to get up there.

Now . . . 
time to get
in the

Mrs Cake Fairy, Queen of Tookeville


  1. You have alot to do, I had 8 month's last year to prepare for our daughter's wedding, but most was done in the month before, hope you find something you are happy to wear.


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