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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have I Reached the Saturation Point Yet?

I have been hitting the genealogy real hard lately. This dawned on me when I realized that I was dreaming of looking up info on the web more nights than not. Do ya think I'm saturated yet?

Here are some of the family surnames . . . do any of you share any of them? I think the worst part of all . . . I have 2-gg grand mothers whose given names are Sarah but go by Sally. I never seem to know which is which when I see their maiden names.







Searight (Seawright)


I have sent letters to 4 relatives who I asked to send me the names and vital stats on their immediate familiess. So far, no responses :0{

But, I "discovered" a cousin whose name sounded like some on the tree Somehow, and I do not know how, I tracked down her last address I sent her a letter and got an email reply within four days. WHOOPIEEEEEEE

Now, to check the mailbox and see if her info has reached me yet

Until later . . . . . .


  1. Wish I did have some similar names to share with you. I did make contact with a 2nd cousin I never knew before so it's really been a fun thing.

  2. None of those last names ring a bell. My Great Aunt was really into Geneology, though. And I "inherited" all her geneology papers/info/research. Although I have NO idea what to do with it, it is interesting to look through. There's a letter in German from a relative. I remember my Grandma showing me the translation letter (which is not in there). Apparently, our family is related to two members of the original Little Rascals; Darla and one boy (I can't remember who but I don't think he was one of the main characters).

    Have you ever tried Ancestry dot com? (You have to pay, but I think you get a free trial period. Maybe you could find something out there?..)

  3. You will know when you have reaches saturation point, not only will you dream coputers but you will forget to eat, have you got to that stage yet?

  4. Haven't forgotten to eat . . . wish I could :0}


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