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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I hate PMS!
That's right . . .
I ~~H*A*T*E ~~ it! ! !

I never had it bad
when I was
to have it.

Oh, no . . . 
mine was
a piece of cake
for 38 years.

now that the body
has decided to play 
it's mean,
"you now have
reproductive organs
that really suck"
it is worse 
than I remember.

it's been 12 years
and the mind 
tends to block out
things it didn't like.
for some reason,
those PMS hormones
are in high gear this month.

The poor husband!
He wasn't around 
during my
So he has no idea
what it's like
to live with me
when my
are running 
rampant though 
my body!

There were very few times
in in my 
38 year PMS history
that they ran rampant

I was one of those women
that most women hate . . 
"Oh," I would
think to myself,
"Looks like it's day 28 again.
La-de-dah-de-dah . . . 
deal with it 
and set the next date 
on the calendar

Now, I remind myself
 of Mom before her
The only good thing 
about that is
that if I take after her
in this sense,
I know I will feel 
so much better
if they have to cut 
those unused organs out.
The Dr.
sure won't have to ask twice.
If he even mentions
I'm in! ! !
Sign me up, doc.
The sooner, the better.

it could be that this wait
to get the internal
paint scrapped off
could have something 
to do with it. 
The wait to see
what gets scrapped off
is the worse part.

I Wonder If He'll Find $1,000,000 Hidden In There? 


  1. Oh my, the change of life thing. My husband would tell me not to yell at him and I didn't even realize I was yelling.

  2. Ummm...I hate to burst your bubble but he didn't find $1,000,000 hidden in mine....unless he didn't fess up! LOL. I haven't had mine since I was 24 and I haven't missed it one little bit.

  3. Just wait until menopause starts. Fair warning...you will want to murder someone.
    Voice of experience here. I keep telling my doc I want all my plumbing out and he isn't falling for it. :(


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